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Becoming a Chef

Becoming Chef

Now that you know better what to be a chef means, we will show you how to become not just one more of them, but the best!!

     Aptness and faculty:

    A chef must have innate skills for food preparation, and then they must acquire, learn and develop to do a certain kind of work in and outside the kitchen at a certain level. These aptitudes could be physical or mental.

     Identity and character:

    As a chef, they must be able to evaluate their own and other individual's qualities, as same as the variety of virtues, good behaviors, habits, and error.

     Ability and efficacy:

    A basic ingredient needed in a chef, in order to learn tricks until perfection and achieve a given goal successfully. With perfection, a chef will gain a range of kinds of clientele according to their preferences.

     Confidence and authority:

    These virtues describe a Chef as a person who use their ability to achieve some ends, and get their goals, chosen the best or most effective alternative, given according to the circumstances.


    An important fact, and maybe the most essential for the cooking field, including the absence of dirt, dust, stains, bad smells, and garbage. Their principal purpose is to take care of the health and safety of the customers, co-workers, as same as avoiding the contamination of oneself and others.

     Flair and passion for food preparation:

    As your desire for being the best chef, you must have a big passion for food and cooking. All this process, an art to you, starts with the selection of foods, preparation of meals, and the creation of menus.

     Desire to experiment with style:

    A chef must be always open to experiment with new ideas and originality, to detail. As a field of art and science, is really important that every ingredient must be measure and put in a specific role. Besides, here is when the great chef must put his/her extra ingredient, his/her style.

     Sense of taste and smell:

    As an artist, the chef must always "playing" with his/her vision and intuition for mixing flavours, using the sense of taste and smell and not forgetting the required techniques and skills that must be honed after years of practice, looking for their perfectionism.

    Is really important to have a detailed knowledge of product you want to cook. By using tools such as you will know information about the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, of all existing comestible foods.

     Grit, determination and persistence:

    A chef must be always committed to the preparation of the highest quality meals. They must understand that, as any other job, there will be errors and mistakes, but through the pass of time they must keep looking for their perfection, seeking out for the finest ingredients and using the best techniques to deliver the best product possible; with persistence and determination.

     Disposition and promptness to work for long hours:

    Stay in the kitchen for many hours, could be stressing for many people, but for a chef, is a requirement, they must be alert motivating others to create all the time. Furthermore, many great chefs are adept at handling many tasks at once being responsible for several items of a meal that all need to done all at the same time.