Diploma Programs

Master Chef teaching

 Basic Diploma Programs:

    • College experience in the culinary industry.
    • Want to make a career change into the culinary field with no academic classes.

    • Learn about basic cooking techniques.
    • Acquire new skills used in culinary establishments.
    • Take just one class per week for 2 years.
    • Gain real world experience by practicing.
    • Find more career opportunities.
    • One year more to receive an associate degree.

      Some Courses:
    • Essentials of Dining Room
    • New World Cuisine
    • Principles of Beverage Service
    • International Cuisine
    • Garde Manger
    • Traditional European Cuisine
    • Nutrition and Sensory Analysis
    • Purchasing and Product Identification
    • Fundamentals of Food Service Production
    • Introduction to Career Management
    • Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
    • Advanced Patisserie/Desserts
    • New World Cuisine
    • Skills of Meat Cutting
    • Advanced Dining Room Procedures
    • Culinary Arts Internship