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This professional is able to mix the necessary ingredients in order to produce specially breads, and many other goods. Their place of work is in the kitchens of restaurants, grocery stores, bakery shops, big companies that produce more quantities of baked goods where could be possible for them to create new recipes.

Anywhere, their performance will be the same but maybe in different levels and quantities, that is the reason why they use schedules. The process of production also could vary according to their work requirements and politics.

 Work Activities:

      Ensure the production schedule and determine variety and quantity of goods like flour.
      Prepare and mix the ingredients by hand, electric mixers or mixing machines.
      Do the process of rolling, shape and cutting of the dough for tarts, pie crusts, cookies, etc. with special tools or by hand.
      Cut, peel, and maybe cook of fruits for the fillings, if would be necessary.
      Select the appropriate pan, sheet or mold.
      Cook the dough and pay attention during the baking.
      Mix icings and make the proper selection of toppings.
      Decorate the goods with spatulas or brushes.
      May create new recipes.
      Adjust ovens, mixers, blenders, etc. to the right temperatures, time and/or speed.
      Make sure the equipment fulfil health and safety regulations and requirements.

 Extra Work Activities:

      Monitor and inspect materials, equipment, and structures.
      Identify and organize objects, actions, and events; to get and to establish communication with supervisors and/or subordinates.
      Make decisions and solve problems judging the value of objects, services, or people.
      Be creative at work and be social with the public.
      Process information and evaluate it against standards.
      Help and teach others.

 Work Conditions:

      Have interpersonal relationships being social, responsible for others, team worker, etc.
      Be prepared physically to work indoors, expose to minor danger conditions, wear special uniforms, etc.
      Have performances like perfectionism, checking details, determinist, and organized.
      Be punctual according to hour's definition to work half or full time, even including weekends and holidays.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Produce food by plantation and storing it.
      Produce and process products.
      Provide customers the best service according to their needs.
      Know rules and basics on Math and Statistics.
      Be creative designing new artistic forms, being themselves.
      Treat and be treated fairly knowing the importance of every worker.
      Like working with animals and mechanical tools as well and establishing practical solutions.


      Be communicative: listening, understanding and asking others.
      Speak clearly and express yourself in order to get attention and bring ideas.
      Be a person who solves problems, analyzing benefits, being logical and impartial at the time the problem is getting worst, extracting conclusions, being reasonable and difference the strength and weakness of workers.
      Use mathematical knowledge in order to solve problems.
      Be able to organized time and things, stimulating workers to do things right on time.
      Be able to work with people, teaching them new things, controlling actions and reactions of workers.
      Take control of the equipments, defining the time of maintenance.


      Have formal and/or on-the-job training.
      Sense of tasting and smelling.
      High school Diploma or GED.
      Sometimes, is required a medical certification.