Baker-Bread and Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef


This professional is able to mix and bake small recipes to be consumed and sale mostly in bakery shop or into a large manufacturer of baked goods.

Your learning, experience and techniques will be shown in different baking and pastry settings or your own business.

For baked food professionals, understand the role of nutrition facts in their receipts is really important. To understand better the facts of these meals, you can check, a great nutrition data tool where you can discover that these foods contain a lot of vitamins and minerals like: Vitamin D, Carbohydrates and Fiber.

 Work Activities and Conditions:

      Measure and weigh ingredients used for the preparation of cakes and pastry products.
      Prepare and mix the ingredients with butter by hand, electric mixers or mixing machines.
      Do the process of rolling, shape and cutting of the dough by hand or with special tools like cookie cutter, dividers, molds, etc.
      Cut, peel, and maybe cook of fruits for the fillings, if would be necessary.
      Regulate ovens, mixers, blenders, etc. to the right temperatures, time and/or speed.
      Make sure the equipment fulfil health and safety regulations and requirements.
      Create new recipes.

 Extra Work Activities:

      Monitor and inspect materials, equipment, and structures.
      Identify and organize objects, actions, and events; to get and to establish communication with supervisors and/or subordinates.
      Make decisions and solve problems judging the value of objects, services, or people.
      Be creative at work and be social with the public.
      Process information and evaluate it against standards.
      Help and teach others.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Produce food by plantation and storing it.
      Provide customers the best service according to their needs with standards of quality.
      Produce and process products, based on cost, control, an above all, quality.
      Know rules and basics on Math and Statistics, and its application.
      Know principles of marketing, promotion, price, and benefits, according to strategies systems.
      Be creative designing new artistic forms, being themselves.
      Treat and be treated fairly knowing the importance of every worker.
      Know about reparation and maintenance of machines and tools.


      Control, select and operate machines, tools, and all necessary equipment to do a job.
      Understand clearly documents and basic information for the work or realized some job.
      Know rules of Math to solve problems.
      Take action to correct yourself or someone else of something made in the wrong way at work.
      Organize time and schedules for yourself and others.
      Be able to work with people, teaching them new things, controlling actions and reactions of workers, without interrupting.


      License of formal training.
      High school Diploma or GED.
      Experience and good performance.