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A Bartender is a person who prepares and serves drinks to the clientele in a bar, a restaurant o any other establishments. Maybe you have not heard about that there tons of recipes to prepare one single drink, and according to the ingredients there are tons of types of beverages, that combining all them, you could get a thousand of types of one drink.

So, just a Bartender, will be able to learn and know all kind of recipes for all kind of drinks, based on creativity and originality. However, sometimes according to the order of the customers they have to create a new drink, following specific orders. In both cases, a Bartender must have the ability to prepare drinks quickly, precisely, no wasting, delicious, and spontaneously.

In some bigger establishments, there are machines that prepare drinks just pushing a button; otherwise the bartenders must know better the recipes. Generally the orders are taken by themselves, and in some cases, are the waiters and waitresses who get the order and take it to the bartender.

Furthermore, Bartenders must check the id of the clientele before serving or selling a drink; if so, they have to control that the customers do not drink to much alcohol. Also, the must receive the payments, check the cash register, clean the area and sometimes, serve food to clients waiting at the bar.

These professionals must always be careful to keep full their bar supplies, such as liquor, beer, whiskies, creams, sodas, tonic water, etc.

Also their imagination to create new, original and attractive displays of bottles, glassware and drinks, is important inside the establishment.

 Work Activities:

      Receive the payments and control the cash register.
      Ask for identification before to give drinks to the customers.
      Control to those customers that have drunk to much alcohol, stopping them.
      Organize, wash and dry glassware and utensils.
      Keep clean all the work areas, including the bar, tables, bar chairs, etc.
      Take the orders of the customers and waitresses or waitress.
      Pour liquors, wine, whiskies, and beer.
      Prepare and mix the needed ingredients to create drinks and garnishes.
      Keep full the bar supplies.
      Direct and organize the bar activities, operations and workers.
      Create new and original displays with bar menus.
      Know recipes of appetizers and prepare them.
      Sometimes, prepare special dishes or food for the clientele waiting at the bar.
      Invent new, original, delicious and attractive recipes of drinks, appetizers, and garnishes.

 Extra Work Activities:

      Feel good and comfortable working with public.
      Be communicative with people from inside and outside the restaurant or bar, establishing good relationships.
      Detect and follow the occurrence of information, objects, actions, and events.
      Get social and good contact with supervisors, peers, or subordinates.
      Guarantee that the served drink is properly prepare and on time.
      Determine a customer's problem in order to resolve it in the best way and knowing how to turn on the charm.
      Direct the sanitary conditions in the dining areas, kitchen and equipments cleanness according to the restaurant and government standards.
      Organized the work and coordinate with their co-workers to distribute the tasks.
      Receive the needed information to decide and solve problems.
      Solve disagreements negotiating with restaurant staff.
      Control, inspect, identify, and schedule events, activities, and materials.
      Put to objects, services, and/or people, a value.
      Calculate material needed, as same as its sizes, quantities, time, and cost.

 Work Conditions:

      Have social contact feeling comfortable working with customers.
      Revolve in the best way, some conflictive situations.
      Feel comfortable for working indoors using special uniforms to avoid being exposed to injuries.
      Avoid noising sounds to not get confuse.
      Be able to make own and fast decisions with no consultation to the supervisors.
      Feel competitive enough to compete with others, even inside the own restaurant.
      Work at night, almost 40 per week; including weekends and holidays when the demand is bigger.
      Keep for long hours (10 to 12 per day) standing up.
      Be open to work in unpredictable hours and moments.
      Resolve any problem with no interruption to the customers or other co-workers.
      Tolerate the pressure of the customers to be attendant quickly.
      Maintain wake up all night, holidays, and weekends, or even live in a place that is not your home.
      Deal with angry, no courteous, and unpleasant clientele.
      Be flexible and calm, working in emergencies and ensuring safety.
      Be able to fill in for any absent worker for a short period or emergency; and, at the same time, coordinate all the activities.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Give special services to special clientele according to their needs.
      Know about processing, advertising and selling of products or services.
      Plant, grow, and harvest food for eating.
      Know basics and applications in Math, such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics.
      Be able to plant and grow food products through methods and techniques, including the storage.
      Have good practicing, spelling and speaking of at least, English Language.
      Protect the safely of people, data, and property.
      Be independent enough to try new ideas.
      Use their ability to accomplish all the restaurant goals, and be recognized by the supervisors, employers and customers.
      Guarantee the quality in service as same as the customer satisfaction.
      Be friendly in a non-competitive environment, helping people to do things right and not feeling pressured for things that go wrong.
      Have interest in leadership activities, taking difficult projects, making decisions and taking risks, in business.
      Be realistic and like to be included in resolving problems and giving solutions.


      Have communicative skills, speaking clear, listening, asking questions, expressing ideas, writing and understanding information.
      Be reasonable to difference the right of the wrong, and giving solutions to problems.
      Use the logic to identify strengths and weaknesses of the workers, in order to evaluate the costs and benefits of an action.
      Be creative and original when solving problems.
      Be reliable and show initiative.
      Have leadership qualities, and then be able to look for a promotion.
      Be a good problem-solver, with skills and ability to check on the details.
      Have a nice and clean appearance, due to they must show self-confidence and respect.
      Be communicative to deal with customers, employees, and suppliers during all day.
      Guarantee the food and service with sanitation standards.
      Speak clearly and express yourself in order to get attention and bring ideas.
      Be able to organized time and things, stimulating co-workers to do things right on time.
      Understand spoken information and ask questions as needed.


      Have a High School Diploma or GED.
      Be 21 years old or older.
      Know about the preparation and mixing of many types of drinks.
      Know about the state and laws for the use of alcohol.
      Be excellent with social, interpersonal and communication skills.
      Have experience on-the-job training, previously working in a bar or disco.