Fast Food Chef

Fast Food Cook


As the name resume, as a Fast Food Cooker you must prepared "snacks" for fast food restaurants. The most important abilities for you to have are, to be organized, to have good reflexes, to be a fast thinker and to enjoy working with people.

These professionals prepare a limited selection and number of food items, including hamburgers, tacos, pizza, etc. To prepare the food orders, they follow specific recipes because most of these orders require montage, besides the preparation needs a specific order for adding the ingredients, such as meat, sauce, cheese, and many others. Finally, they have to roll them up or put them on a plate or bag.

Commonly, the fast food Restaurants are placed to serve the food at a window or counter. Furthermore, many restaurants rather to use precooked food, which means, they just have to take the food out of a bag and put the items in a better way. However, sometimes, they will have to be able to prepare some dishes, including some fryers, warming, grills, cooking, etc. In addition, Fast Food Cookers must be able to prepare some drinks like coffee, tea, sodas, juices, etc. and take the delivery supply.

Finally, once the job is done, they have to clean the area and equipment used, fulfilling the sanitation standards. And, according the restaurant politics, they must take the orders and take charge of the bills.

 Work Activities:

      Understand the orders answering to the demands.
      Peal, cut, measure, and prepare food.
      Prepare `the dishes of fast food just like the recipes indicate.
      Control the frying, grilling, cooking, and steaming the food, managing the temperatures.
      Prepare, cook, montage, enwrap, and pack the food items according to the orders.
      Serve food at window or counter.
      Prepare some drinks like coffee, tea, sodas, juices, etc.
      Clean the area and equipment used, fulfilling the sanitation standards.
      Prepare the food with quality and in exactly quantity.
      Take the orders and take charge of the bills.

 Extra Work Activities:

      Make fast decisions solving problems.
      Solve disagreements negotiating with restaurant staff.
      Found ways to get communication with supervisors, co-workers or clientele, establishing good relationships.
      Control, inspect, and identify equipments, objects, materials, and structures.
      Organize, schedule, plan and prioritize work activities.
      Put to objects, services, and/or people, a value.
      Improve their own activities and from others.

 Work Conditions:

      Have social contact with co-workers, even when they do not have direct contact with the clientele.
      Feel comfortable for working indoors using special uniforms to avoid being exposed to injuries.
      Avoid noising sounds to not get confuse.
      Be exact during the preparation according to the time for each dish.
      Do not stress out with routine work.
      Be able to make own and fast decisions with no consultation to the supervisors.
      Feel competitive enough to compete with others, even inside the own restaurant.
      Work at least 50 hours or more, per week; including nights and weekends where the demand is bigger.
      Keep for long hours (12 to 15 per day) standing up.
      Work for 50 or more hours per week, and maybe 7 days a week.
      Be open to work in unpredictable hours and moments.
      Resolve any problem with no interruption to the customers or other co-workers.
      Tolerate the pressure of the customers to be attendant quickly.
      Work really early in the mornings, late evenings, holidays, and weekends, or even live in a place that is not your home.
      Feel comfortable for working with frying and grilling staff during a long time.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Plant, grow, and harvest food for eating.
      Know about processing, advertising and selling of products or services.
      Give special services to special clientele according to their needs.
      Know basics and applications in Math, such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics.
      Be able to plant and grow food products through methods and techniques, including the storage.
      Have good practicing, spelling and speaking of at least, English Language.
      Protect the safely of people, data, and property.
      Be independent enough to try new ideas.
      Use of ability to accomplish all the restaurant goals, and be recognized by the supervisors, employers and customers.
      Guarantee the quality in service as same as the customer satisfaction.


      Have communicative skills, speaking clear, listening, asking questions, expressing ideas, writing and understanding information.
      Be reasonable to difference the right of the wrong, and giving solutions to problems.
      Use the logic to identify strengths and weaknesses of the workers, in order to evaluate the costs and benefits of an action.
      Be creative and original when solving problems.
      Be reliable and show initiative.
      Have leadership qualities, and then be able to look for a promotion.
      Be a good problem-solver, with skills and ability to check on the details.
      Have a nice and clean appearance, due to they must show self-confidence and respect.
      Have a good health and be strong enough to demonstrate others.
      Be communicative to deal with customers, employees, and suppliers during all day.
      Guarantee the food and service with sanitation standards.
      Speak clearly and express yourself in order to get attention and bring ideas.
      Be able to organized time and things, stimulating workers to do things right on time.


      Have a High School Diploma or GED.
      Be able to organize time and things.
      Stimulate workers doing things right.
      Have experience on-the-job training, working in a fast food restaurant or cooking for others.