Food & Beverage Chef

Food & Beverage Chef


These professionals are face to face with the customers giving them the special service, according to the restaurants, coffee shops, and/or food establishments.

Sometimes, according to the establishment, they will have no or just little contact with the clients, because the area is just a small bar inside the kitchens, restaurants, hotels, etc. In addition, these establishments also count with automatic equipment that mixes drinks just pushing a button.

Their job consists in be polite and thoughtful with the clients, invite them to seat and offer the menu, take the order and serve the food and beverages. Also, they have to establish a fun and friendly conversation to the customers with special treatment and keeping all the time their tables clean and organized.

 Work Activities:

      Receive drink orders from the waiters and waitresses who have taken the order of the customers.
      Check out and verify the customer's identification in order to insure they match the required age to buy drinks and/or smoke.
      Serve drinks from a bottle or prepare mixed drinks.
      Supply and prepare garnishes that combine with the drinks.
      Pay attention to the provisions of ice, glasses, ashtrays, napkins, drinks combinations, lemon, etc.
      Keep the bar clean and organized for customers and other workers.

 Work Conditions:

      Stand up for long periods of time.
      Carry heavy trays, dishes and glasses.
      Tolerate the pressure of the customers to be attendant quickly.
      Pay attention to prevent falls, slips, cuts, burns, etc. against your health.
      Work really early in the mornings, late evenings, holidays, and weekends, or even live in a place that is not your home.
      Organized schedules for all the kitchen staff to be sure all is completely developed quickly and in the right way.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Know the most drinks recipes possible.
      Be able to mix quickly the needed ingredients in their best way and moment without wasting them.
      Show excellent personal qualities, mostly well spoken manners.
      Be 25 years old or older.
      Have good memory to prevent confusions.
      Know how to use basic software to generate bills.
      Have basic knowledge in maths, arithmetic and statistics to be able to total the bills mentally.
      Know foreign languages in order to communicate with the customers and/or staff.


      Receive the payment and handle the cash register.
      Wash the glasses and utensils.
      Attend and serve the food to customers who dine at the bar.
      Be responsible of the order and maintenance of an inventory of liquor, mixes, alcoholic drinks, and supplies.
      Be social, friendly and easy talking with the customers.
      Serve and interact with the clientele.
      Take orders and bring them to the car or pass them through a window; and receive the payment.
      May include cooking, serving and packing the food and drinks.
      Serve the food and delivery it outside of the bar and/or restaurant.


      High school Diploma or GED.
      License of formal training.
      Experience and good performance.

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