Food Diet and Nutrition Chef

Diet and Nutrition Chef


Nowadays, the well cared of health and prevention of illness has created new and better habits, producing modifications in the daily eating.

Food Diets and Nutrition worker mainly work and coordinate the meals with Nutritionists and Dietitians. They will have on their charge to take care the health of their customers, because these professionals plan the food and nutrition programs, preparing, serving and supervising the meals.

Being able to manage the food system of a customer, a Food Diet and Nutrition worker must educate in them the sense of good health by healthy conducts, paying attention to the bad food behaviours.

Generally, this is a job with direct contact with people and mainly, with actors and people in television, involve in sports, and all those with special needs; because both they all need to maintain their weight and body in good shape, preparing light meals and fat free, using the most natural ingredients.

Preparing delicacies and creating recipes is definitely an art. Nevertheless, we usually confuse cooks with chefs thinking that they are the same and that the difference is just the title, but we are wrong, a chef is a professional, a cook is not.

Chefs have to prepare perfect meals, these professionals are trained at cooking schools in order to master all cooking techniques, handle cooking equipment and organize and direct the personnel in a kitchen. For chefs, understand the role of nutrition facts in their receipts is really important. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the fastest growing fields in cooking career is nutrition and taste of each food.

 Work Activities:

      Coordinate with the Nutritionist and Dietitian the customer's needs, creating nutritional programs.
      Educate the customers and families.
      Communicate with doctors and/or other health professionals, reports and determination of nutrition needs.
      Take care of their customers, with or without an illness, such as their kidneys, heart, diabetic, etc.

 Work Conditions:

      Stand up for long periods of time.
      Pay attention to prevent falls, slips, cuts, burns, etc. against your health.
      Work really early in the mornings, late evenings, holidays, and weekends, or even live in a place that is not your home.
      Organized schedules for all the kitchen staff to be sure all is completely developed quickly and in the right way.
      Be creative and natural preparing food.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Be trained on-the-job area.
      Know about safety and sanitizing procedures in cooking.
      Have experience in the preparation of meal by natural techniques and methods of meat and/or vegetables, as same as natural basics in cooking and preparation.
      Be able to create dishes based on nutrition, portion control, purchasing, and inventory methods.
      Create menu plans and how to storage food by proper and natural procedures, conserving the food as natural as possible.
      Do not use chemical products to conserve or prepare meals.


      Have basic knowledge in fat and unhealthy products.
      Be social and easy talk to communicate with the clients.
      Have personal cleanliness, with no communicable diseases.
      Know as most as possible foreign languages and cultures.


      High school Diploma or GED.
      License of formal training.
      Experience and good performance.