Food Preparation Chef

Food Preparation Chef


These professionals maintain the food ready to cook or serve. Their job consists in weighting, measuring, cleaning, peeling and cutting the ingredients like vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, etc. used for salads or dressings. Even when this looks an easy job, the hard part is to make them fast and look like flowers. As help, they count with effective equipment, such us knives, but the most important is the experience. Likewise, they will keep full buffet tables, salt and pepper shakers, and salad bars.

According to the circumstances and the supervisors, they must keep food cold or hot. Also, if the rules of the establishment are to prepare different menus every day, these workers have to prepare more quantity in order to have them ready to serve or use in the meals preparation.

 Work Activities:

      Wash, clean, cut or peel vegetables or other types of foods.
      Get ready the food in order to allocate it to the waitresses.
      Prepare special drinks like tea, coffee, etc.
      Help the cooks and chefs when the orders are too many to control.
      Maintain clean and organized the kitchen areas and equipment.
      Control, replace, classify and give food, equipment, and/or utensils.
      Make registers of how much food has been used.
      Know about and use dishwashing machines.
      Keep full salad bars and buffet tables.

 Extra Work Activities:

      Keep communicated with supervisors and/or subordinates.
      Perform activities that use the whole body.
      Be social to work with people and establish relationships.
      Look for information involved to the work.
      Organized the work and coordinate with the workers to distribute the tasks.
      Receive the needed information to decide and solve problems.
      Identify and organize objects, actions, and events; to get and to establish communication with supervisors and/or subordinates.
      Be creative at work.
      Help, teach and motivate others.

 Work Conditions:

      Have social contact with customers and other staff.
      Create communication with co-workers at least, weekly; and feel comfortable working in teams and by groups.
      Be conscientious about health and safety of others and themselves.
      Be responsible for their work and acts, either dealing with angry customers or wearing protection equipments to not be exposed to dangerous activities.
      Take fast decisions when would be necessary with no consultation to supervisors.
      Respect the work schedule and be on time.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Afford excellent service both to customers and personal service according to their needs.
      Know basics rules of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics.
      Speak properly and clearly the English language.
      Be friendly and share things with no feelings of pressure or competition.
      Know about other cultures, customs and languages.


      Pay attention, listen to, understand and ask to other ideas, expressing themselves what they feel and like clearly.
      Be reasonable to solve problems using guidelines to difference the wrong from the right and give conclusions.
      Have the helping sense to teach others to do some activity.
      Identify problems in order to solve them.


      High school Diploma or GED. (optional)
      License of formal training.
      Experience and good performance.