Food Service Manager

Food Manager


These professionals are chargeable of the daily activities and operations in the restaurant or food and beverage establishments, besides they ensure the satisfaction of the customers and the supplies catalogue.

In addition they have to be able to coordinate and organized the activities and work between the areas inside the restaurants, such as kitchen and dining room.

Usually, managers must administrate the human resources function, including the new personal recruit and the employers monitoring to get of them both a better performance by training and retain the best workers by rewards.

Also, the technological advance and the Internet have influenced on their jobs, increasing the easy and efficient job. Nowadays, most of the restaurants use computers to get better information keeping organized the inventory; besides the system includes the checks, prints, registrations, credit cards, sales, etc; as same as the orders could be directly from them suppliers when the ingredients or products used are needed or there is not enough.

In addition, the supervisors could use the computer to track the employers, their schedules, and their paychecks. Furthermore, the Internet has promoted and publicized different restaurants, making easier the service to the customers.

 Work Activities:

      Contact universities, schools and other institution offering programs in order to recruit workers.
      Be able to interview, hire, train, and even, fire employees.
      Use newspapers advertising to attract additional applicants.
      Explain the policies and rules of the establishment to the new employs.
      Organize the work hours schedule ensuring the participation and distribution of the work to the workers.
      Cover and alternate any ill or sick employ with another one if would be necessary.
      Help with cooking, cleaning, etc. if there are not enough people to cover the duties.
      Guarantee the food is served properly and on time.
      Determine a customer's problem in order to resolve it in the best way and knowing how to turn on the charm.
      Distribute the customer's orders following the chef's rhythm, with the purpose of not create a delay during the service.
      Supervise and direct the sanitary conditions in the dining areas, kitchen and equipments cleanness according to the restaurant and government standards.
      Ensure the health and safety from both the customers and the employers, including the obedience for the liquor regulations.

 Extra Work Activities:

      Observe and keep the records of the employers to distribute the payroll, licenses, and compensations.
      Keep the supply records of food and equipment, ensuring their payments.
      Make the daily balance between the orders and the sales.
      Deposit the daily receipts at the bank or keep it in a safe place.
      Lock the establishment; check out that all is under safety conditions, and set of the alarm system.

 Work Conditions:

      Be able to be the first ones in arrive, and the last ones to leave at night.
      Keep for long hours (12 to 15 per day) standing up.
      Work for 50 or more hours per week, and maybe 7 days a week.
      Give facilities to the food and restaurant services; including the customers.
      Be open to work in unpredictable hours and moments.
      Be flexible and calm, working in emergencies and ensuring safety.
      Be able to fill in for any absent worker for a short period or emergency; and, at the same time, coordinate all the activities.
      Resolve any problem with no interruption to the customers or other co-workers.
      Organized comfortable spaces moving tables and/chairs for big parties.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Have instruction in nutrition, sanitation, food planning and preparation; as well as accounting, business law, management, and computer science.
      Know about culinary programs in food preparation.
      Be trained as cook or chef in order to get an advancement chef positions.


      Be reliable and show initiative.
      Have leadership qualities, and then be able to look for a promotion.
      Be a good problem-solver, with skills and ability to check on the details.
      Have a nice and clean appearance, due to they must show self-confidence and respect.
      Have a good health and be strong enough to demonstrate others.
      Be communicative to deal with customers, employees, and suppliers during all day.
      Motivate employees to be a team.
      Guarantee the food and service with sanitation standards.
      Know multiple languages to communicate with staff and clients.


      Interest, experience and aptitude.
      High school diploma.
      Bachelor's or graduate degree in Food Service Industry.
      Internship and real-life experience.