Food Service Supervisor

Food Supervisor


As Food Service Worker Supervisor you will be able to supervise, control, and monitor the activities and work with the staff that prepares and serves the food. It is really important to have someone who oversee and ensure the guarantee and quality of the prepared dishes, as same as drinks, beverages, fast food dishes, etc.

These professionals must deal with the clientele achieving the best and doing a better job according to their area of work. Even when most of their time is supervising the work of staff, they have to implement some activities during or after the preparation or service to the customers.

Either, in big or smaller restaurants, a Supervisor must keep an eye open on the activities of the workers, examining their requirements, assigning tasks, watching and evaluating their procedures. Furthermore, depending on the establishment politics, a Food Supervisor must check out the needs of the restaurant hiring new employees including the interviews and training, as same as the discharges for those bad employers.

Usually, they have to care for the supplies and equipment, making reports and recording the data of deliveries. In addition, they are continuously checking and registering the sells and payments done during the day. Also, they create menus, plan details, analyze sizes and portions, correct and implement changes in some procedures or worker activities.

Maybe is not so common, but for those who work at a hospital, must ensure that especial patients receive their special food, resolving complaints or problems that would happen.

 Work Activities:

      Direct, control, and manage the activities of the employers and the service quality.
      Give tasks and assignments to workers depending on their abilities and requirements.
      Maintain the advising and evaluation of employers, examining their activities, and the equipment used.
      Review the need of the restaurant of hiring or discharging workers.
      Interview and train the new employers in their activities, including the food preparation and service performance.
      Make reports and records in an inventory, with the daily supplies and equipment used.
      Ensure the deliveries on time.
      Create and organize schedules of any event, including their reservations.
      Write the customers bills including the payments.
      Deal with customers complaints and resolve them.
      Collect the total cash received during the day and register it.
      Qualify, correct and recommend changes in the activities of the employers, their procedures or performance, in order to give a better service to the customers.
      Calculate the material, ingredients and portions needed in the preparation of any dish and recipe.
      Save updated and recorded the daily costs of food and other staff.
      Improve the excellence in food preparation and service.

 Extra Work Activities:

      Be social working with public.
      Monitor and inspect materials, equipment, and structures.
      Identify and organize objects, actions, and events; to get and to establish communication with supervisors and/or subordinates.
      Make decisions and solve problems judging the value of objects, services, or people.
      Be creative at work and with the public.
      Process information and evaluate it against standards.
      Help, motivate and teach others.
      Receive the needed information to decide and solve problems.
      Monitor and inspect materials, equipment, and structures.
      Identify and organize objects, actions, and events; to get and establish communication with supervisors and/or subordinates.
      Make decisions and solve problems judging the value of objects, services, or people.
      Process information and evaluate it against standards.
      Know about the use of computers, and its advantage.
      Communicate with people from outside the organization.
      Judge the value of objects, services, or people.

 Work Conditions:

      Have interpersonal relationships being social, responsible for others, team worker, etc.
      Be prepared physically to work indoors, expose to minor danger conditions.
      Have performances like perfectionism, checking details, determinist, and organized.
      Be punctual according to the hour's definition to work half or full time, even including weekends and holidays.
      Stand up for long periods of time, really close to hot places.
      Pay attention to prevent falls, slips, cuts, burns, etc. against your health.
      Work really early in the mornings, late evenings, holidays, and weekends.
      Organized schedules for all the kitchen staff to be sure all is completely developed and in the right way.
      Have social contact feeling comfortable working with customers.
      Revolve in the best way, some conflictive situations.
      Be able to make own and fast decisions with no consultation to the supervisors.
      Feel competitive enough to compete with others, even inside the own restaurant.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Be creative designing new artistic forms, being themselves.
      Treat and be treated fairly knowing the importance of every worker.
      Enjoy working with animals and mechanical tools as well and establishing practical solutions.
      Provide customers the best service according to their needs with standards of quality.
      Produce and process products, based on cost, control, an above all, quality.
      Know rules and basics on Math and Statistics, and its application.
      Know principles of marketing, promotion, price, and benefits, according to strategies systems.
      Know about reparation and maintenance of machines and tools.
      Know different foreign languages, basically English.
      Like the challenges taking, leading and creating new projects.
      Make fast decisions with no afraid of taking risks.


      Be communicative listening, understanding and asking others.
      Speak clearly and express yourself in order to get attention and bring ideas.
      Be a person who solves problems, analyzing benefits, being logical and impartial at the time the problem is getting worst, extracting conclusions, being reasonable and difference the strength and weakness of workers.
      Use mathematical knowledge to solve problems.
      Be able to organized time and things, stimulating workers to do things right on time.
      Take control of the equipments, defining the time of maintenance.
      Control, select and operate machines, tools, and all necessary equipment to do a job.
      Understand clearly documents and basic information for the work or realized some job.
      Take action to correct yourself or someone else of something made in the wrong way at work.
      Organized time and schedules for yourself and others.
      Be able to work with people, teaching them new things, controlling actions and reactions of workers, without interrupting.
      Have basic knowledge in computers and training through some programs.
      Be social and able to work in teams.
      Good sense of taste and smell.
      Have personal cleanliness, with no communicable diseases.
      Know foreign languages, useful to improve the communication with customers, vendors, etc.


      High School Diploma or GED.
      Experience on-the-job training.
      Ability with interpersonal and communication skills.
      Work experience in the food service industry.