Insititution and Cafeteria Chef

Caffeteria Chef


This workers are able to prepare and cook many dishes of food according to the sizes and types of the institutions, schools, hospitals, cafeterias or any establishment that need to have food in that moment.

 Work Activities:

      Plan and cook the menu according to the people who are going to eat with special dietaries and nutritional restrictions.
      Lead and control the workers activities during the preparation and serve of meals.
      Clean and do the dishes, pans, utensils, dishes and all the cooking equipment staff.
      Arrange and accumulate the food cost records.
      Distribute and serve the food both to the workers and to the customers.
      Maintain the hygienic inside the kitchen areas, inspecting their appliances and functional operations.
      Organized and order food supplies and receive deliveries.
      Create menus according to the season and availability of products.
      Know how to bake pastries and goodies and dress with toppings.
      Cook and prepare vegetables and salads.
      Clean, cut, and cook meat, fish, and poultry.

 Work Conditions:

      Stand up for long periods of time.
      Carry heavy trays, dishes and glasses.
      Tolerate the pressure of the customers to be attendant quickly.
      Pay attention to prevent falls, slips, cuts, burns, etc. against your health.
      Work really early in the mornings, late evenings, holidays, and weekends, or even live in a place that is not your home.
      Organized schedules for all the kitchen staff to be sure all is completely developed quickly and in the right way.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Know about the process in providing service to the customers, including the personal service.
      Guarantee the quality in service as same as the customer satisfaction.
      Be familiar with business and management principles, mostly coordination, production and human resources strategically planned.
      Know basics and applications in Math, such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics.
      Be able to plant and grow food products through methods and techniques, including the storage.
      Recognize administrative and management procedures and systems.
      Have experience recruiting, selecting, and training people, as same as give them benefits and obligations.
      Negotiate with the workers according to their tasks and information systems.
      Control the effectiveness during the process of production, cost, manufacture and distribution.


      Be communicative; listening, understanding and asking others.
      Speak clearly and express yourself in order to get attention and bring ideas.
      Be a person who likes to solve problems, always looking for helping people.
      Use mathematical knowledge to solve math problems.
      Be able to organized time and things, stimulating workers to do things right on time.
      Be able to work with people, teaching them new things, controlling actions and reactions of workers.
      Take control of the equipments, defining the time of maintenance.
      Identify how much money has been and will be spent to do some specific work.


      High school Diploma or GED.
      Vocational training or job related course work.
      Experience and good performance.
      May need an associate's or bachelor's degree.