More Culinary Jobs

Food Scientist

If you keep looking, you will find several careers in the culinary field. The most important for any of them is you're your passion, creation and originality in your gorgeous meals. Remember, it is really important to learn more about them before you decide which one to continue.

 Banquet Manager:

      They are able to plan, direct and manage parties, conventions banquets, any special events hosted by the restaurant.
      A Banquet Manager must ensure the customer's satisfaction, coordinating and guarantying the execution of all the functions, smoothly and efficiently.
      In addition, they know about food production and service, and are capable of controlling and training the personal.


      A Busperson is the one on charge of serving water, bread and butter to the guests.
      Also, they must pay attention all the time to the client filling again their glasses, removing used dish from the table and cleaning tables after a customer has leave.

 Catering Manager:

      A catering manager is responsible for the execution of all delegated tasks, working together with the personal in order to generate new contacts.
      Besides, they are responsible for resolving customer complaints and problems among employers; arranging unplanned things; taking care about needed equipments; and managing the decorations, photographs, flowers, etc.

 Counter Server:

      A Counter Server is the one who provides the best service to customers, quickly and efficiently.
      Responsible for all the process inside the restaurants, which means, meeting and welcome the customers, taking and registering their orders, being able to prepare and serve their drinks, receiving the payments and changes.
      Likewise, if there would be a need to make a package they must do it precisely, besides they must supervise the cleanliness of each counter and floor.

 Dinning Room Manager:

      A Dinning Room Manager must control and supervise the dining room activities in coordination with foodservice activities.
      Their most important responsibilities include the training of employees, the planning of menus calculating costs and supplies, the maintenance of payrolls and bookkeeping records.
      In addition, they could be able to manage the financial transactions and budgets limitations.

 Human Resources Manager:

      A Human Resource Manager is able to recruit and hire new and old employees, creating job-training programs, classifying a worker according to their needs and abilities.
      In order to be a good manager, they must be able to identify each applicant differencing their strong and weak points, besides, they must know about tasks in each area or work station.

 Kitchen Manager:

      A Kitchen Manager is able to control and coordinate all the activities and tasks inside the kitchen, including their personal and food preparation.
    Their most important duties are hiring, training and discharging kitchen workers; buying and ordering food supplies and equipment; planning, controlling and creating schedules of food production controlling costs; ensuring the application of sanity and safety standards.

 Food Scientist:

      A Food Scientist is a person who is capable to apply scientific and engineering methods based in principles, in order to research, develop and product quality process such as packaging, processing and utilization of food.

 Food Stylist:

      A Food Stylist is the person who arranges commercial videos, photo shoots, animations, etc. about food; in order to publish and market it to magazines, newspapers and books.

 Food Restaurant Critic:

      A Food Restaurant Critic is the person who enjoys good meal, due to his/her experience and ability in restaurant establishments. Their critic is not only about food; also it includes the service, plate decoration and quality, the establishment and the kitchen.
      Many newspapers, magazines, on the web, in books, etc. give them opportunities, even when there are lots of them and could be a hard fighting.

 And many more:

      Bed and Breakfast Owner
      Cake decorator
      Casino Chef
      Catering Chef
      Chef/Cook Instructor
      Corporate Research and Development Chef
      Food Merchandiser
      Hospital Dinning Services Chef
      Hotel Chef
      Restaurant Owner
      Retirement Community Chef
      Chef at Country Inn
      Chef for Private State
      Country Club Chef
      Dietary Cook