Short Order Cook

Short Order Chef


A Short-Order Cook is able to prepare a combination of fast with great food. Maybe you have seen and gone to a lot of this kind of restaurants, and if you think about it, you go because the food is simple, light and fast; and also, because they are on fashion.

Some of these restaurants are Coffee Shops and dinners, and the reason why they are fast is just because their menu is simple with a limit of items, plus for Short Order Cooks is based only know the preparation of popular items, such as frying and grilling of hamburgers, eggs and French fries; however their specialty is the preparation of one item.

At times, according to their needs and the available co-workers, they have to wash, peal, cut and slice meats or vegetables in order to prepare soups, salads or special little dishes. In addition, their job includes the cleaning, washing, and organizing of equipment, work area, and other tools.

According to the size of the restaurant, besides of the preparation, they have to take the order, prepare it, serve it, and sell it, all at the same time; and might be that they receive the payments.

 Work Activities:

      Prepare the items according to the requested order.
      Organize the preparation so that all the items are served together at the same time.
      Clean, wash, and organize the equipment, work area, chairs, tables, and other tools.
      Take the customer's order ensuring the preparation.
      Have speciality in grilling, cooking, and/or frying food, including carving meat, making sandwiches and coffee.
      Serve the food to the customers to their tables, counters, or for delivery.
      Receive the payments making changes or pass credit cards.
      Distribute the supplies or order them when would be needed.

 Extra Work Activities:

      Monitor and inspect materials, equipment, and structures.
      Identify and organize objects, actions, and events; to get and to establish communication with supervisors and/or subordinates.
      Make decisions and solve problems judging the value of objects, services, or people.
      Be creative at work and be social with the public.
      Process information and evaluate it against standards.
      Help, motivate and teach others.
      Receive the needed information to decide and solve problems.
      Monitor and inspect machines, materials, equipment, and structures.
      Identify and organize objects, actions, and events; to get and establish communication with supervisors and/or subordinates.
      Make decisions and solve problems judging the value of objects, services, or people.
      Keep communicated with supervisors and/or subordinates.
      Perform activities that use the whole body.

 Work Conditions:

      Have interpersonal relationships being social, responsible for others, team worker, etc.
      Be prepare physically for working indoors, expose to minor danger conditions, wear special uniforms, etc.
      Have performances like perfectionism, checking details, determinist, and organized.
      Be punctual according to the hour's definition to work half or full time, even including weekends and holidays.
      May cut, peel, and cook meats and vegetables.
      Regulate ovens, fryers, grills, etc. to the right temperatures, time and/or speed.
      Make sure the equipment fulfil health and safety regulations and requirements.
      Create new recipes.
      Stand up for long periods of time.
      Pay attention to prevent falls, slips, cuts, burns, etc. against your health.
      Work really early in the mornings, late evenings, holidays, and weekends, or even live in a place that is not your home.
      Be creative and natural preparing food.

 Knowledge and Interests:

      Be creative and natural preparing food.
      Produce food by plantation and storing it.
      Produce and process products.
      Provide customers the best service according to their needs.
      Know rules and basics on Math and Statistics.
      Be creative designing new artistic forms, being themselves.
      Treat and be treated fairly knowing the importance of every worker.
      Know about the reparation and maintenance of machines and tools.
      Lead and create new projects, making decisions and sometimes taking risks.
      Be trained on-the-job area.
      Know about safety and sanitizing procedures in cooking.
      Have experience in knife techniques, slice and dice methods of meat and/or vegetables, basics in cooking and preparation, proper use and care of equipment, etc.
      Create menu plans and how to storage food with proper procedures, the use of leftover minimizing wastes.
      Speak properly and clearly the English language.
      Be friendly and share things with no feelings of pressure or competition.
      Know about other cultures, customs and languages.


      Be communicative: listening, understanding and asking others.
      Speak clearly and express yourself in order to get attention and bring ideas.
      Be a person who solves problems, analyzing benefits, being logical and impartial at the time the problem is getting worst, extracting conclusions, being reasonable and difference the strength and weakness of workers.
      Use mathematical knowledge to solve problems.
      Be able to organized time and things, stimulating workers to do things right on time.
      Be able to work with people, teaching them new things, controlling actions and reactions of workers.
      Control, select and operate machines, tools, and all necessary equipment to do a job.
      Be social and able to work in teams.
      Good sense of taste and smell.
      Have personal cleanliness, with no communicable diseases.
      Know foreign languages, useful to improve the communication with customers, vendors, etc.
      Have basic knowledge in fat and unhealthy products.


      High Diploma Degree.
      Experience on-the-job training.
      Be able to work independently taking fast decisions.
      Not necessary to have work experience.