Chef de Partie

Chef de Partie

Also known as a Station Chef or Line Cook due to they are in charge of a particular area of production. In bigger establishments with larger kitchens there would be more than one Station Chef, with many cookers and/or assistants. However, generally there is only one Station Chef for each department.

Furthermore, they have their own hierarchy; at the top is First Cook, followed by a Second Cook, and so on.

Because of there would be more than one area inside the eating establishment, is required different specialized Line cooks, such as:

 Broiler Cook:

      A Broiler Cook must be able of grill, roast and broil items such as steaks, fish, meat, poultry, etc. that has been already prepared in the kitchen.
    • Carve and style the roasted portions.
    • Garnish the plates with something that enhances its flavor or appearance.
    • Cook and prepare broiled and roasted garnishes.
    • Keep organized and in order their work area.

 Soup and Sauce Cook:

      Also know as Saucier, in French. A soup and sauce cooker is responsible for the preparation of soups and sauce dishes and garnishes.
    • Prepare soups and sauces.
    • Get thicker the garnishes, soups, sauces, etc.
    • Fulfil the sanitation standards at work.

 Pantry Cook:

      Also known as Garde Manger, in French. A pantry cook is responsible for the preparation of cold food, including salads, appetizers, desserts, sandwiches, cold banquets, dressings, toppings, etc.
    • Keep in mind sanitation standards at work, all the time.
    • Prepare cold food dishes and garnishes.

 Fry and Sauté Cook:

      A fry cook, called Sauté in French, is responsible for the preparation of fried dishes.
    • Fry and sauté garnishes that contain fillets of meat, fish, shrimp veal or poultry.
    • Coat in batter or breadcrumbs cooked or precook items.
    • Prepare garnishes for fried food.
    • Fulfil the sanitation standards at work.

 Fish Cook:

      Also known as Poissonier, in French. A fish cook is the responsible for the preparation of all fish dishes in bigger restaurants, but in smaller ones, their tasks are done by the saucier.
    • Prepare the dishes that contain fish or seafood.
    • Prepare garnishes that enhance the flavour or appearance of the food.
    • Know how to cut and prepare all kind of fishes.

 Swing Cook:

      Also known as Relief Cook, Floater or Tournant in French. A swing cook is able to work in any area or station of the restaurant. Often, he/she is on training to become a Sous Chef.
    • Know the work in every station or area of production.
    • Replace the chef when this one is on break or hurt.
    • Prepare the all kind of dishes according to the chef that is replacing.