Executive Chef

Executive Chef

 What is an Executive Chef?

      Also known as Chef de Cuisine, they are the responsible for the process of food preparation in a kitchen. Even when they are not so involve in cooking, their job is more orientated to the artistic, creative and original side of cooking.

      As an executive job, they are the top position of the hierarchy, their job consist in control, oversee and direct the food preparation and cooking of either, a restaurant or a chain of restaurants or any eating establishment.

      Generally they are the engine factor that makes possible the restaurants go forwards with a better performance, being responsible for following the tracks during the food preparations in the kitchen.

      Some bigger restaurants can count with both a food service manager and an executive chef, so they both help each other, for example selecting the best menu items. Some other duties could change according to the size of the restaurants, the season, the customer's preferences, the dishes popularity, the food left that should not be wasted, and the owner's decision.

      In order to be hired by the most important restaurants and establishments, Executive chefs must have immense experience working as chefs. Usually, these establishments hire those chefs that have 2-4-years of experience in hospitality management programs that include internships and on-the-job experience to graduate; or those chefs that demonstrate training, practice, consequence, and ability.

 What do they learn?

      Nutrition and sanitation
      Food planning and preparation
      Accounting and Statistics
      Business law and management
      Basic Computer science
      Practice during internships
      Work on-the-job experience
      Culinary programs about food preparation

 What do they do?

      Plan menus, and create new and interesting recipes.
      Calculate food requirements and costs, including the workers payments.
      Control, manage and supervise the work of sous-chefs, chefs, cooks and kitchen staff.
      Be able to recruit, hire and train additional employers, between chefs.
      May cook just for especial occasion or people.
      Keep upgrade standards of quality for all the services.
      Manage and plan out the sizes and portions of each plate.
      Put prices to the menu items.
      Schedule and organize the food requirements with the suppliers, including the delivery.
      Arrange the all the services such as linen, clothes, equipments, materials, etc.
      Guarantee the quality of food such as meats, fish, poultry, fruits, baked goods, vegetables, etc.

 What are their required skills?

      Been educated in culinary arts.
      Have experience in culinary field and kitchen environment.
      Know about Management, Human Resources, Financial and Time Management.
      Have communicative and leadership skills.