Master Chef

Master Chef

 What is a Master Chef?

      Generally this term is known as a word that references to someone who is a good cooker, but it is more than that.

      A Master Chef is the highest professional classification and belongs to the top level of certification in the American Culinary Arts with the title of Certified Master Chef (CMC), so not many people in US, maybe 100, can obtain this certification.

 Who award the CMC Certificate?

      The only one who awards a CMC Certification is the American Culinary Federation, established in 1981.

      This was created due to there were many excellent and competitive chefs looking for upgrade the image of the Chefs around the world.

 How to get the Certification?

      In order to receive the CMC Certification, you will have a certification program which takes 8 hashes days of practical exams to evaluate your acquaintance, aptitude and capabilities in the use of ingredients, techniques, presentation, service coordination, sanitation and safety.

      Before to obtain the certification you must pass another test which cost is $3000, and once you sign up you have to take one of the next two scheduled tests.

      The only approved sites are the Culinary Institute of America (NY) and the Institute's California (Napa Valley).

      The first step before becoming a Certified Master Chef is getting a Degree in Culinary Arts, in either, a two year Associate's degree or a four year Bachelor's degree.

 What are their required skills?

      If you are going to apply for CMC Certification, some required skills are:

    • Be creative and passionate working artistically with food.
    • Have docility and punctuality working during long hours under pressure.
    • Get previous experience in the Culinary Arts field with practical abilities.
    • Ensure the funding to pay for the course including the travelling (almost $6,000)