Personal Chef

Personal Chef

Nowadays, the style of work of a personal chef has change, for example they are used to have various clients, preparing different types of food during the weekend, besides they could cook in the client's kitchen or in some other kitchen to then be delivered or, they have already cooked the meals so then, they just have to heat it up.

In this way, the personal chefs have improved their schedule in order to organize their time and productivity; as a result they have increased their number in this culinary art field, changing the vision of cooking, from the restaurant to your own house.

 How to become a Personal Chef?

      In order to become a personal chef, is necessary for you to have at least, a Certification or Degree in Culinary Arts.

      Even, when this is not a standard and obligated requirement, most of rich families look for applicants then have at least, some formal education and experience in cooking.

 What do they do?

      Generally, a personal chef is able to stay in a personal house but they usually go home only when they are required to do so.

      However, when in the past was usually for a personal chef work with just one particular family or client, preparing their meals, going shopping, and travelling with them; now is also, these and much more, but not only with one single client, otherwise they rather to have more than just one.

      In addition, the personal chef is the person in charge of buying the ingredients, cooking, and cleaning after the preparation; so they are provided with a full credit card.

 How to hire a personal chef?

      Have experience in culinary fields.
      Have a Certificate or Degree in culinary arts.
      Be a specialist, in at least, 5 different kinds of foods.
      Have the enough potential to prepare many types of foods varying them in a daily basis.
      Apply sanitation and safety standards including storage methods.
      Know about dietary constraints, such as allergies and diabetes.
      Include the shopping for all the ingredients that will need.
      Have the sufficient knowledge to cook dietician meals differencing to the people with special needs.