Chef Sommelier

A Sommelier is an expertise in all about wine services and usually, hired by first class restaurants and high-ends hotels. As well, they must be creative and original due to they will have to spring unique tastes up.

Depending on the size of the restaurants, there would be one or two sommeliers, but in places such as hotels, resorts, cruisers, and bars there would be more than two master sommeliers.

 How to become a Sommelier?

      Even when becoming a sommelier is an entirely hard work, if you have the natural predisposition and really like it, will be easier for you. However, another difficulty, it needs lots of study and money.

      Besides, many establishments, requires you to have at least some degree of formal training. So that, if you want to get a certification, there is The Court of Master Sommeliers, which offers a Master Sommelier Certification program.

      This program consists of an introductory course and a lower level exam; then the next step is an advanced course and finally, the last exam consists of three basic sections.

      The first one is about your ability to recommend and discuss wines, liqueurs, cigarettes and/or cigars. Secondly, you will discuss about wine regions and laws, including its preparation. And, finally, a tasty exams where you must precisely identify the wine, including its region and vintage.

 What do they do?

      In addition, is really important for a sommelier, to get good compatibility with the clientele, because the customers not only will ask about the food, furthermore, they will like to know why a particular wine must be perfect for that specific kind of meal.

      These professionals are able to distinguish very well every single wine finding out which one is the better to join a particular type of food and plate.

      They are responsible for the wine list preparation and the wine store purchasing and management.

      According to meals offered by the eating establishment, a sommelier must get together with the executive chef, in order to complement all the identified meals with a kind of wine.

 What are their required skills?

      Have a good developed sense of smell and taste.
      Have experience in culinary arts.
      Knowledge in chemistry.