Sous Chef

Sous Chef

Pronounced su chef, they are responsible for the daily productions of the kitchen and schedule, just below the executive chefs.

Also consider the Expediter of the kitchen, which means he speeds up the process of the kitchen, besides he must be able to deal with customers and cookers, quickly.

In addition, they are able to control Chefs, Cooks, and kitchen staff activities and tasks; to create new techniques and recipes; to direct and command the equipment; and even sometimes, they must plan menus, order supplies, and prepare special meals and food.

For bigger restaurants they are in charge of food production, otherwise their concern is the fulfilment of quality standards.

 Who do they replace?

      Due to executive chefs have to spend much time attending to the business and managing issues, sous chefs must ensure an efficient and effective production and function of the kitchen.
      Because they are the second in command, they are capable to replace the executive chef when is absent, including the management and direction to the workers, and assuming all their duties.
      Furthermore, they are able to replace a chef de partie or line cook when would be needed.

 What do they do?

      Control, manage and direct kitchen staff.
      Ensure an efficient and effective production and function inside the kitchen.
      Create, prepare and cook new recipes or ordered meals.
      Feature and prove culinary techniques, using proper equipment.
      Know about planning, scheduling and creation of menus.
      Order food and kitchen supplies.

 What are their required skills?

      Much experience working in a kitchen.
      Been educated in culinary arts.
      Have communicative and leadership skills.
      Be skilful to work evenings, weekends and holidays during long hours.