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ACF Maui Chefs & Cooks Association

Education Through The American Culinary Federation

The American Culinary Federation (ACF) offers the educational resources to help you achieve and maintain your competitive advantage in today's ever-changing culinary industry. From apprenticeship programs, certification and educational courses to postsecondary programmatic accreditation, secondary programmatic certification and educational assurance quality endorsed culinary-management programs, the American Culinary Federation is your partner for professional and personal success.

Certification - ACF offers 14 levels of certification, and is the only certifier of master chefs in the United States. ACF certification is a symbol of professionalism, as well as a guide by which any culinarian can shape his or her career. Open to all culinarians, certification carries with it the benefit of being able to document educational and professional progression throughout a chef's career.

Apprenticeship - Apprenticeship is on-the-job training combined with technical classroom instruction. The two- and three-year apprenticeship programs, as well as a six-month training program, provide basic training to employees to enhance their skills and their value to their operations. Currently, there are nearly 2,000 apprentices learning in approximately 80 American Culinary Federation Foundation (ACFF) sponsored culinary apprenticeship programs in the United States.

Accreditation - Recognized by the Council for Higher Education, the American Culinary Federation Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFFAC) accredits postsecondary culinary-arts institutions and certifies secondary culinary programs. Institutions and programs that earn approval from the ACFFAC show a commitment to excellence to both students and leading employers in the culinary-arts industry, as well as distinguishing themselves from hundreds of other postsecondary schools and secondary programs in the nation and abroad. Currently there are 169 accredited postsecondary culinary institutions and 91 certified secondary schools approved by the ACFFAC.

Scholarships - The American Academy of Chefs (AAC), through the American Culinary Federation Foundation, offers educational scholarships to those currently attending culinary school, as well as to professional chefs already working in the hospitality industry who seek to further their education. ACF also provides additional information and resources that may be helpful in obtaining scholarship funds from other foundations and associations.

Educational Programming - ACF offers numerous educational opportunities for culinarians to achieve both personal and professional goals. Many programs occur in a face-to-face environment through formal and informal learning structures. Through the American Culinary Federation Foundation (ACFF) eCulinary Professional Development Institute, ACFF has developed a portal online for culinarians to participate in educational and developmental classes beneficial to career advancement. Whether you are an educator, working chef or student, ACFF's eCulinary Professional Development Institute can provide the training you need to ensure your culinary success!

ACF has also developed partnerships with ACF-approved continuing-education providers to deliver the resources you need. At you will find a myriad of culinarian-related courses to address your specific learning needs. ACF also facilitates four regional conferences and a national convention to address the many educational needs through educational programs, cooking demonstrations, workshops, seminars, forums, trade show exhibits and more to provide you with the information you need.

National Educational Assurance - ACFF's Educational Assurance program is designed to give non-degree-granting programs offering fewer than the minimal 1,000 hours for ACFF accreditation the opportunity to become recognized by the ACFF. By becoming ACFF educationally assured, short-term programs at schools, colleges and other education entities can brand their course of study with the ACFF name.

School name:ACF Maui Chefs & Cooks Association
Address:PO Box 1113
Zip & city:HI 96793  Hawaii

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ACF Maui Chefs & Cooks Association Cooking School Location

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