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Arizona Culinary Institute

Arizona Culinary Institute is a school founded and operated by a team of experienced Culinary Educators. At ACI we understand that the student is the most important person in any school. We care about the unique needs of the Culinary Student and have carefully designed our curriculum around small classes and personalized attention. We are privately owned and teaching Culinary Arts is the only thing that we do.

Our small class size enables our chef instructors to know who you are. They know what your strengths are and in what areas you may need assistance. This enables ACI to teach you more material in a shorter period of time, so you can get your degree and start building your resume sooner.


  • Leverage small classes and hands-on training to learn at an accelerated pace. Educational studies consistently prove class size to be one of the most important factors in student achievement.

  • Earn your Diploma in Culinary Arts: Baking and Restaurant Management in just 9 months, instead of studying elsewhere for up to 21 months.

  • Learn from a curriculum based on Classical French Methods combined with the best of Modern Techniques.

The Campus

  • Facility – Study in a brand new and spacious 18,000 square foot building, and enjoy 300 days of sun a year in vibrant Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Kitchens – Take advantage of five professionally designed kitchens, generously equipped with the finest professional equipment:

    • Front Line Kitchen

    • Bakery

    • Saucier Kitchen

  • Restaurant – As an advanced student, operate ACI’s fine dining restaurant, du Jour. du Jour is open to the public, and its overriding mission is to teach students how to operate in a professional restaurant environment.

    • Financial Planning

      ACI offers a variety of different payment plans and assists students with obtaining scholarships and other assistance, including Sallie Mae student loans. Most students with a sincere desire to attend school are able to work out a practical financial aid package. Please contact us for more information.

      School name:Arizona Culinary Institute
      Address:10585 North 114th St. Suite 401
      Zip & city:AZ 85259 Arizona

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      Arizona Culinary Institute Cooking School Location

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