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California State University-Chico (Foods & Nutrition Studies)

Why Choose Nutrition?

Job Opportunities: The field of nutrition is expanding, with a projected 21 percent increase in jobs for dietitians and nutritionists through 2014. Numerous externships and paid positions reinforce your classroom experiences and provide a competitive edge after graduation!

Great Pay: The median annual salary for registered dietitians in the U.S. is $53,300, and can exceed $82,500; for food-service and purchasing managers, the median range is $48,500 - $96,200; and for consultation, business and /or private practice the median range is $40,000 - $110,000 (ADA Survey, 2007)

Exciting Options: Our students have options in healthcare, clinical management, counseling, community outreach, business/ private practice, government, hospital/school/correctional food-service management, consulting services, academia, and research.

Challenging Field: Our ADA-accredited curriculum is firmly based in biochemistry, pathophysiology, food science, behavioral science, and practical business administration and food-service management. We will prepare you for all the nutrition field has to offer!

School name:California State University-ChicoFoods & Nutrition Studies
Address:Holt Hall, Room 123
Zip & city:CA 95929 California

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Foods & Nutrition Studies Cooking School Location

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