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Chateau Chantal Cooking School

Nowhere will you find a more enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and realistic cooking teacher than Nancy Allen. Allen, a certified culinary professional, member of I.A.C.P., Slow Food, and the New York Association of Cooking Teachers, is a 1987 graduate of San Francisco's California Culinary Academy.

Chef Nancy Allen, CCP offers some insight to what you learn in her cooking classes-

As a kitchen veteran and culinary teaching professional you might think I prepare elaborate meals. Who has the time? Like an artist, my best meals arise out of those impromptu dinners that push me to rely on my skills, senses and intuition.

When I teach cooking, I focus on techniques and skills that will free my students from recipes. Cooking only from recipes is like swimming with a life jacket. You won't drown, but you'll never really learn to swim. To enjoy cooking fully you need to take a chance. I encourage students to learn good kitchen skills, learn to trust their senses and go beyond recipes.

You don't need to be a professional cook to be spontaneous in the kitchen. With a little help you can develop a flexible repertoire of skills and dishes that you can change on a whim. Attend a class and learn a few of my liberating secrets to becoming a better, more intuitive cook. Develop and nurture them and you'll find a source of unlimited improvisation and unlimited fun.

School name:Chateau Chantal Cooking School
Address:15900 Rue de Vin
Zip & city:MI 49686 Michigan

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