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City College of San Francisco - Culinary Arts Program

The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program Program offers three degree programs that prepare students for employment in a wide range of careers in the hospitality industry: culinary arts; food service management; and hotel management. Each program is a two year, four semester, course of study where students earn an Associate in Science degree and an Award of Achievement. All programs include management related course in their respective fields. Upon graduation, students also receive a certificate from the American Culinary Federation.

Course of Study

All three CAHM Programs are two year, four semester courses of study. All degree program students must take a core group of courses. Students choosing the Food Service Management or the Culinary Arts Program must take sequential laboratory courses in food preparation and service, CAHS 10 or CAHS 10Q, CAHS 20 and CAHS 30. These courses are taught in the department's four kitchens, bake shop, snack bar, cafeteria, and fine dining restaurant. These programs include extensive hands-on training in the department's facilities. The Hotel Management program includes one laboratory course in Front Office Operations and lecture classes specific to the rooms division of a hotel, only.

Students in all three programs must complete an unpaid industry internship for which they earn class credit (CAHS 40W). Students secure these internships with the assistance of the Program Advisor. Students confer with the Program Advisor as to the specific classes necessary to complete their program and the order in which courses should be taken. Laboratory classes (CAHS 10, CAHS 10Q, CAHS 20, CAHS 30, CAHS 40W) are restricted to CAHM Program students.

The Culinary Arts and the Food Service Management Programs require approximately an eight-hour per day commitment, five days a week. Under most circumstances, the students' school schedule begins early in the morning and generally ends at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. While most students work part-time, full-time employment while attending school is difficult and not recommended.

Those who are considering enrollment in either of these two programs are advised to give serious consideration to the long hours and rigorous work required of students, both in college and in their subsequent employment in the hospitality industry. Students may reduce the number of hours spent in school each day to about six hours per day, by completing their general education requirements prior to beginning the CAHM Program.

The three degree programs are designed so that students may satisfy the requirements for graduation from the college. Upon successful completion of one of the degree curricula and the requirements for an A.S. degree, a student will receive an Associate in Science degree from the college and an Award of Achievement from the department.

Culinary and Service Skills Training Program

This is a two semester non-credit program that provides short-term culinary skills and service skills training for entry into the labor market. The curriculum includes introductory culinary skills and dining room service, as well as basic education and vocational English language skills. Classes are taught in our state of the art restaurant, the Educated Palate.

School name:City College of San Francisco - Culinary Arts Program
Address:50 Phelan Avenue, SW 156
Zip & city:CA 94112 California

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City College of San Francisco - Culinary Arts Program Cooking School Location

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