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East Central College (Hospitality & Culinary Arts)

This course gives students who are planning a career in food service management or hotel/travel an overview of the industry today. The course is designed to help students understand the roles played by the various components in the hospitality industry and thus to help students to decide which of the many facets of the industry would best suit them.

Food safety and sanitation deal with proper food handling procedures, common errors in food handling and the negative impact when the system breaks down. The course explains basic biology of microbial growth, correct food handling, sanitizing and maintaining clean food contact surfaces and food storage.

The proud profession of the Culinarian is deep in history, tradition and detail. This course provides two elements relating to that foundation- Professional history and development, and Basic costing. Culinary Development deals with the structure of the kitchen and restaurant as well as individuals well known through history. Students learn professional expectations in the professional kitchen as well. Basic to all Food & Beverage operations is knowing how to value the cost of goods for sale. This course provides foundational tools in identifying and using fundamental costing elements in food, beverage and labor, as well as learning how to utilize ratios for determining recipe extensions, pricing strategies and other kitchen formulas.

School name:East Central CollegeHospitality & Culinary Arts
Address:1964 Prairie Dell Rd.
Zip & city:MO 63084 Missouri
Phone:(636) 583-5193

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