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Florida Community College at Jacksonville (Culinary Arts and Hospitality)

Today’s professional culinary and hospitality staffs consider experience an asset, but education a necessity. You’ll achieve both at the Culinary Institute of the South. Since 1990, the Institute has been one of the industry’s finest regional schools. Class sizes are purposely small. The faculty is committed to teaching vs. research. Day and evening classes are available.

The Institute’s four different programs focus on the art and business of food and hospitality. You will combine classroom theory with real world applications in FCCJ’s five-star Mallard Room. The Institute’s model internship program partners with the major restaurants, resorts, and hotels that will hire you for permanent positions.

Programs leading to an Associate in Science degree (A.S.) prepare you for employment or transfer to Florida International University to earn a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Hospitality Management. An Associate in Applied Science degree (A.A.S) or Certification is primarily for immediate employment after graduation.

Employers want artisans and managers who are good communicators with supervisory training and a formal education. Your degree says you committed the time and money to learn the business and the art. You have the education respected by quality restaurants, hotels, clubs and large industrial kitchens. You’re prepared for your career.

* Culinary Management (A.S., A.A.S.)
* Restaurant Management (A.S., A.A.S.)
* Food and Beverage Management (Catering) (technical certificate)
* Hospitality and Tourism Management (A.S., A.A.S.)
* Culinary Operations (workforce certificate) Note: This program is for enlisted military personnel only.

Related Programs

Dietetic Technician (Culinary Dietetic Option)

We also offer the following professional development and personal enrichment courses:

* Introduction to Baking
* Bartending
* Catering for Fun and Profit

Program News
* Mallard Room: Enjoy some of the best culinary delights in Jacksonville at FCCJ’s Mallard Room — lunch is $7 and dinner is $9. Our fall menu is coming soon.
* New Culinary Lab: The new lab, located at the old site of the North Campus bookstore, is ready for use. It’s an open kitchen, surrounded with windows, so everyone can observe the students in training.

School name:Florida Community College at JacksonvilleCulinary Arts and Hospitality
Address:North Campus, 4501 Capper Road
Zip & city:FL 32218 Florida

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Culinary Arts and Hospitality Cooking School Location

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