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Healthy Cooking with Kids

Over fifteen years ago I started "Creative Cooking for Kids" classes for kids ages 4-12. I wanted to teach children how to use kitchen "tools" such as the blender, food processor, juicer, and electric mixer. In my classes, the kids also learned social skills, how to make healthy food choices, and were able to express themselves creatively (such as making pretzels in their own shapes). The main focus was on healthy snacks, desserts, and simple meals that the kids could then make at home.

Some of the parents complained that their kids wouldn't eat vegetables at home yet I found that if they made the recipe, they were more likely to try it. Kids today eat too much junk food and too many sweets. The sweet recipes in my classes contain other sweeteners such as honey, fructose, cane sugar, and/or brown rice syrup, which have some food value and nutrition.

Today, I'm teaching "Healthy Cooking with Kids" classes (ages 7-14), and recently I won "Best Of" from the Santa Barbara South Coast Beacon for my cooking classes with kids. My focus is on quick and simple recipes utilizing healthy ingredients. Recently I have been experimenting and perfecting recipes without wheat, sugar, and dairy products. More and more kids as well as adults are now becoming allergic, or especially sensitive to these ingredients. In my classes, I often use rice or almond milk instead of regular milk, because so many kids have allergies or intolerances.
Researchers estimate that about 90 million Americans suffer from gluten sensitivity, while another 1.5 million have celiac disease (a severe form of mal-absorption caused by gluten). The number of health related problems linked to gluten and wheat sensitivity is on the rise. It's important to eat healthy foods which include fresh, local, organic, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and meats. In my opinion, we should have some carbohydrates in our diets, but moderation is the key. Over the years, I have become a conscious eater. I'm tuned into what my body needs. I don't over-eat and I feel great.
I love to share my knowledge and experience with kids and adults. Recently I have also begun to coach adults that want to change their food habits.

School name:Healthy Cooking with Kids
Address:5070 Birchwood Road
Zip & city:CA 93111 California

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