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Holland College (Culinary Arts Program)

The Culinary Institute of Canada has been training aspiring chefs since 1983 and is regarded by many as the premiere Culinary School in Canada. Its graduates can be found all over the world.

The Culinary Arts program provides students with the practical skills and knowledge they require to enter the culinary profession as well-trained cooks. Designed to assist aspiring cooks to master the essentials, the program also allows experienced cooks to enhance their skills and expand their repertoire.

Emphasis is placed on teaching the commercial cook advanced culinary skills and providing managerial training while covering all aspects of food preparation, presentation and service at international standards.

The program includes food preparation and presentation skills from elementary to advanced methods with particular emphasis on practical application following relevant theory. In fact, 70% of the program is hands-on and production-based enabling our interns or graduates to be very comfortable and effective upon entry into a new kitchen environment.

The managerial content of the program enables graduates to venture into such diversified areas of food and beverage control and purchasing and receiving. The skills and knowledge gained in the program assist Culinary Arts graduates to advance their careers at an accelerated pace.

School name:Holland CollegeCulinary Arts Program
Address:305 Kent Street
Zip & city:PE C1A 4Z1 Prince Edward Island
Phone:(902) 629-4217

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