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Idaho State University (Culinary Arts Technology)

The Program
Culinary arts professionals are trained to produce safe, healthful, and creative food for all segments of the food-service industry. They may handle one type of specialized food preparation or be responsible for preparing all the foods served in a given establishment. They may also plan menus, control costs, purchase food supplies, and/or supervise other personnel. This occupational field is growing rapidly and provides a wide variety of career Opportunities.

Three options are available to those looking to gain skills in the culinary arts field. (1) The Certificate in Culinary Arts Technology is an 11-month program that teaches students the basic theory and techniques of food production and service. Once students complete this option they can continue their studies in one of two ways. (2) Through the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts, the students build on the skills learned in the certificate option to develop advanced culinary techniques. (3) Those students interested in gaining more skills in the area of business can complete an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Technology by taking the skills learned in their certificate program and combining them with the skills offered in the 11-month Business Technology Certificate through the Marketing and Management Occupations program.

Aptitudes and Interests: Pleasant personality and ability to work with people, good use of hands and fingers. Ability to follow specific procedures, physical stamina, reliable, and dependable. Work with people in team relationship, work under pressure during busy periods.

Helpful High School Courses
Business Math, Computers, Consumer Economics, Cooking, Marketing, Speech, Public Speaking, Written Communications

Graduation Diploma
Technical Certificate Culinary Arts Associate of Applied Science degree Culinary Arts

Program Information (.pdf)
Program begins in August, January, and May
Program length is 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 semesters
Admits 24 students each year
Typical classroom hours are from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., 5 days per week
Summer Session - mandatory

Books, Tools, Supplies
Estimate (entire program) - $1,300

Registration Fees
Fees apply to the current Idaho State University fee schedule which includes mandatory student health insurance.

Paying for College
You may apply for financial aid, scholarships, grants, and loans to help finance your college education. When you pay registration fees, you are a student of Idaho State University with the privileges and responsibilities of a college student.

Entrance Information
Admission requirements:
Application for Admission
Application fee
High school transcript or GED
COMPASS Placement Test or ACT scores

School name:Idaho State UniversityCulinary Arts Technology
Address:921 South 8th Avenue
Zip & city:Idaho 83209  Idaho

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Culinary Arts Technology Cooking School Location

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