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La Cuisine Sans Peur

Henri-Etienne Lévy is one of those superb cooks and teachers who work at home. He has been imparting the techniques of classical French cooking for twenty years through classes he calls "La Cuisine Sans Peur" ("Cooking Without Fear").
- Polly Frost, New York Times

The cooking classes at La Cuisine Sans Peur® have been taught to a relatively small number of dedicated students (over seventy percent of the students in Basic Course have gone on to additional courses) since 1978.

The classes are very small; never more than four in a class.

The most thorough demonstration and explanations are offered with which the student can have immediate success in the home kitchen to prepare good and delicious dishes.

Students receive instruction that is focused, passionate, opinionated and never trendy.

All instruction is personal, without being familiar, and seeks to ignite a passion for good cooking, together with an early development and display of personal style.

Students can expect to learn about all available local and seasonal ingredients with which to cook good food, unrestricted by reasons of health, religion or custom, and to be appealed to by the idea of moderation as the path to good health and equanimity.

Discussions touch upon all aspect of cooking, such as the uses of wine and alcoholic spirits in and with food, and also the utilization of good equipment.

Instruction is in English, but the spirit of engagement and that of the cooking is French, with particular emphasis given to the regional cuisines of Alsace and Provence and the valuable lessons of the French classical tradition.

The classes are meant for the enthusiastic cook working in the home kitchen, where the best food has always been prepared. No certificates or diplomas of any kind are given to the departing student, because good cooking is its own proof, which is in the eating.

All of the above should make the classes particularly attractive to the rational omnivore.

School name:La Cuisine Sans Peur
Address:216 West 89th Street
Zip & city:NY 10024 New York

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La Cuisine Sans Peur Cooking School Location

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