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Nashville State Technical Institute (Culinary Arts Program )

Professional cooking and baking is a dynamic industry and individuals with experience and a culinary degree are presented with a career path that is very opportunistic. Individuals who are open to challenges, who need an outlet for their creativity, and who desire a non-traditional work environment may find this field enticing. Working chefs create, cook, teach, manage people and businesses, develop individuals, write menus, and learn constantly. The culinary program at Nashville State provides an extremely cost efficient way for a future chef to get their education and get started on their own culinary career path.

Culinary Arts students receive training in the basics of cooking and baking, and are given the opportunity to learn through theory and practice. Students prepare variety of foods and ingredients and practice the skills necessary for them to work successfully as cooks in a variety of settings. The typical student who graduates the program and has one full year of kitchen work experience will find a range of opportunities as a line cook in restaurants and hotels, as well as cooking for caterers or perhaps work as a personal chef. With a few more years of experience, the same student may be presented with opportunities as a Sous Chef (Assistant Chef) or perhaps the position of Chef in a small restaurant. Many individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit will find opportunity to start a small business revolving around the preparation of food for customers. As the potential chef's experience and abilities grow, so does their income potential and job opportunities. The range of opportunities revolving around food and cuisine include restaurant and hotel chefs, pastry chefs, kitchen managers, personal and catering chefs, and all of the training positions which lead to these challenging and well compensated posts. Other opportunities include those of food writers, teachers, and positions in restaurant management and food sales. It should be noted that many entrepreneurs start small food service businesses like a café, restaurant, or caterer and become very successful utilizing their ability to cook great food and work with people.

here is a strong demand for trained culinarians (cooks, bakers, chefs, and pastry chefs) and the mission of the Culinary Arts program at Nashville State is to prepare students to meet that demand. The program is a challenging and thorough mix of culinary, business, and liberal courses assembled to offer the student a balanced technical culinary education.

Classwork and a culinary degree from Nashville State is a great way to start ones career in the fabulous world of food and cuisine.

School name:Nashville State Technical InstituteCulinary Arts Program
Address:120 White Bridge Rd.
Zip & city:TN 37209 Tennessee

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