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New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan Campus (Hospitality Management Program)

The program in Hospitality Management is designed to enable graduates to accelerate their careers, whether they are preparing to enter or to significantly advance in the industry. It leads to a Bachelor of Professional Studies (B.P.S) in Hospitality Management. Graduates of the program secure positions in hotels, restaurants, casinos, health clubs, cruise ships, convention centers, event planning companies, country clubs, sports clubs, tour companies, travel agencies, parks and recreation departments, and adult living communities. The program is offered in several formats to meet student needs: part-time, full-time with classes scheduled day, evening, weekend, and online. There is also a fully online option for students who want the flexibility of 24/7 learning opportunities.

In addition to a well-rounded liberal arts foundation, the program encompasses the key areas of business planning, sales and marketing, financial management, property management and human resource administration. The program emphasizes the use of technology in the field, a critical element in all phases of planning, designing, marketing, management, accounting, and communications. In addition, the "soft skills" or professional dispositions and habits of customer service, teamwork, multicultural understanding, and positive interpersonal skills are highlighted and developed throughout the program. Externships (paid or unpaid) provide opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the program and many lead to employment. The externship is taken before HOSP 401 Seminar in Hotel/Restaurant Administration, the program’s capstone course. Externships require a minimum of 800 hours of approved, documented work experience in the industry and may be completed in an area of the students’ career interest. Externships may be completed on a part-time basis during the school year or in summers only. Students should plan to begin their externships early so they are completed by the end of junior year in order to register for HOSP 401 in senior year. The program’s locations at Columbus Circle in New York City and in central and eastern Long Island are unparalleled for opportunities in the hospitality industry. Program faculty are experts in their field and have had personal success in the industry and provide practical interpretations for theory and an understanding of industry standards and practices.

School name:New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan CampusHospitality Management Program
Address:Northern Boulevard P.O. Box 8000
Zip & city:NY 11568 Kansas

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