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Norwalk Community College (Culinary Arts Program)

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Culinary Arts Program

Our Culinary Arts Department can prepare you for a rewarding career in the Food Services or Hospitality Industries, or it can teach you enough about cooking to improve the food you serve or eat. It can help build a solid foundation for anyone working or planning a career in these industries. It is also fun and rewarding.

The Culinary Arts Program at NCC prepares students for every aspect of the food preparation, presentation, or hospitality industry. The emphasis is on developing a working familiarity with our kitchen, food preparation, and with cooking utensils and processes. Our teachers are professional chefs who can show students how it is done in the industry. They also know how to cook food that tastes delicious.

And if you live alone and like to eat well, are raising a family and want to serve the best, or are thinking about waiting table or working for a restaurant or caterer on weekends, this department has an elective course that can broaden your horizons and increase your skills.

NCC has a full kitchen that can serve 16 students at a time. It is equipped with Vulcan heavy duty gas ranges, an assortment of stainless steel sauce pans, sauté pans, mixing bowls, broilers, fryers, roast pans, cookie sheets, and their accompanying cooking utensils. The lab has Kitchen-Aid stand-mixers, two two-door and two four-door Beverage Air reach-in refrigerators, one four-door and one one-door full length freezer.

Four faculty members guide students through the paces of preparing and cooking different types of cuisine, teach them about proper presentation, and pass on techniques gleaned from years of real-world experience. Students get A fruit platter hands-on experience doing prep work, stock and sauce preparation, ingredient stocking, pan and utensil selection, and menu creation. They learn about nutrition, basic and advanced food preparation, sanitation, safety and maintenance, and organization and showmanship. Students actually prepare meals for a variety of college-sponsored luncheons, dinners and banquets. The Culinary Arts Department has working relationships with area hotels, motels, restaurants and country clubs where students apply the skills they have acquired in the Culinary Arts Lab.

Taking Culinary Arts Courses as Electives
Imagine having dinner guests compliment your cooking. Or being able to make scrumptious cookies for your children or grandchildren. Try to picture a simmering kettle of soup on your stove on a cold New England winter day, filling your home with another layer of warmth and welcome. Learn how to bake a pie, or make hearty stews. Learn about nutrition. Cook for your dates. Or just cook something better for yourself.

Taking courses in NCC's Culinary Arts Department can give you the cooking skills to prepare restaurant-quality meals for your friends or family - at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant. It can help you develop yourPork tenderloin cooking skills through time-tested methods that have been passed on from chef to chef over generations. And it is fun.

Obviously, you are not going to be a master chef after one course, because each course builds upon the one before it, but even one course can improve your abilities and your savvy in the kitchen. Try Food Preparation I or Baking I and take that first step towards a life of better cooking. After all, everyone's got to eat.

For additional information, please contact Professor Tom Connolly in Room A17 on the West Campus, call him at (203) 857-7355 or e-mail him at

School name:Norwalk Community CollegeCulinary Arts Program
Address:188 Richards Avenue
Zip & city:CT 06854 Connecticut

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