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Our Newest Seasonal Course Offering…

. Classic French : The Bistro .
There are many restaurants in our great city that consider themselves to be French Bistros. This class focuses on the classic French bistro preparations, the staples that you can find on every bistro menu in Paris.

. The Mexican Fiesta .
The bold flavors found 'south of the border,' are not only exciting to cook with, but they also evoke the feeling of a party in your mouth. The freshness of cilantro, the smooth richness of ripe hass avacados, the mild saltiness of queso fresco, and the heavenly marriage of fresh corn and black beans are just a few of the building blocks of this vacation for your taste buds. Add to the mix some cerveza, we bring you a true cooking party!

. How To Boil Water .
For those who don't know their way around the kitchen, this is a fun place to begin. Like all of our courses, this class is recipe driven. This means that you will learn the very basic techniques that are the foundations for all cooking, and you will do so by learning easy to follow recipes.

. The Italian-American Table .
Before WWI the largest population of European immigrants to the United States was Italian. Since that time the many generations of Italian-Americans have devoloped a cuisine, rich, both in flavor and tradition. This genre has found a permanent place in the historical culinary tradition of this country. This class focuses on those recipes that we all know and love as basic Italian-American cuisine.

. Meat and Potatoes: The Quintessential American Steakhouse .
Every type of cuisine has its own recipes for preparing steak. The American steakhouse has become its own genre. It is a cuisine defined by simply prepared steaks, crusty and flavorful on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside, the side dishes and starters, so traditional, they need no mention, and, of course, the desserts. This class is designed to recreate the perfect steakhouse dinner with ease in any home.

School name:Petes Eats
Address:397 President Street
Zip & city:NY 11231 Michigan

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