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School of Southern Barbeque

We're talking the ultimate in BBQ instruction by the absolute "Kings of BBQ". Together these Master BBQ Chefs, JR Roach and Rodney (Ziggy) Cheshire have won almost every award in the United States, and each has earned the reputation of Grand Master of the Art of Barbeque Cooking. The hundreds of awards bestowed on these chefs won in BBQ competitions were not easy to achieve. They had to be earned the hard way ... by frowning judges looking for things wrong in stiff competition with other chefs, each of whom thought he was the best. It was at these competitive events that JR and Ziggy became close friends out of respect for each other's ability.

Their friendship has endured, and their abilities have been expanded and strengthened. This is the background which is the foundation for the School of Southern Barbeque. Plan to spend one of the most exciting days of your life with JR and Ziggy learning their methods, secrets and wonderful recipes. You will take away from this school lasting methods of being an absolute super Barbeque Chef.

If you love Barbeque, you'll absolutely love what these two exciting and fun chefs have to share with you.

Think about it and dream about it, then sign up to be one of the limited number of students JR Roach and Ziggy Cheshire will be instructing in their unique School of Southern Barbeque.

Just BBQ

No matter how you spell it, Barbeque, Barbecue, Bar-b-que, Bar-b-cue, or BBQ, the only thing most people are looking for is the true southern taste of barbeque. Whether you cook on a barbeque grill, or charcoal bbq grill, charcoal bbq smoker, or wood burning water barbeque smoker, you are looking for the best barbecue product you can possibly cook.

Having cooked barbeque in the northeast, grilled bbq in the southeast, barbecue in the northwest, bar-b-que in the southwest and all points in between, you discover there are as many ways to cook bbq as there is to spell it. This is why it is very important to buy a piece of barbeque equipment that will meet your needs as well as meeting your barbeque needs

When buying a charcoal barbecue grill, make sure you can do one thing if nothing else, and that is, be able to control your fire. Most charcoal barbeque grills on the market today cannot properly control your fire or temperature, making it hard to get the barbeque product you desire. Our charcoal barbecue grills are easily mastered because the charcoal fire is so easy to control. One of the problems is wet charcoal or damp charcoal. Wet charcoal is just hard to start. Keep your charcoal dry and make your charcoal grilling fun.

Why water? This is probably the most asked question in the barbeque industry today.
On our barbeque smokers we use water to regulate temperature instead of dampers. Any time you use dampers to control temperature on barbecue smokers you tend to get too much smoke on the meat and temperature is hard to control, either too hot or too cool. On my barbeque smokers, if the temperature goes up just add some water, or if the temperature drops, add wood. Since water absorbs heat, it is simple to maintain 250-275 degrees. Our smokers and grills are even protected under U.S. TRADEMARK (U.S.CL 34) SN 768,800. When you buy, you are buying an original.

Lately, I have been talking to barbeque people all over the country about barbecue cooking trailers. Seems like bar-b-que is the up and coming thing. To sell barbeque on street corners with very little overhead, unlike a barbeque restaurant, you can do your thing and be your own boss. We can custom build a barbeque rig and put you in your own bbq business without all the hassle of the barbeque restaurant.

School name:School of Southern Barbeque
Address:2055 Highway 165 South
Zip & city:AR 72042 Arkansas

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School of Southern Barbeque Cooking School Location

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