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Southwest State University

Culinology® is the blending of the culinary arts and the science of food. It is defined as "the collaboration between culinary expertise and food science and how this collaboration affects the food we prepare and serve for consumption.

Our task is to support our students in their pursuit of the gold standard in culinary science education. We will train the individual responsible for original contribution to food product development and provide guidance and balance from a culinary perspective within a scientific setting.

The Research Chef is first a chef, a culinarian, a food focused individual, dedicated to producing the finest possible combination of ingredients to achieve palate pleasing results whether personally preparing the product for the customer they know or one they will never know. The Research Chef is also a researcher who uses scientific methods and knowledge to insure their creativity can be enjoyed far beyond the confines of their kitchen or laboratory.

A true Chef is an artist and a gourmet, a manager and a leader.

A true Food Scientist is a technologist and statistician, an engineer and a nutritionist.

A Culinologist is a skilled chef who is creating a new generation of exciting, high quality convenience food products.

School name:Southwest State UniversityCulinology
Address:1501 State Street
Zip & city:MN 56258 Minnesota
Phone:(507) 537-6436

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