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Sushi Chef Institute

Sushi is the most famous Japanese traditional food in the world now. As sushi becomes more popular, the knowledge about how to treat raw fishes or other materials becomes more important. Japanese people learn this unique manner by taking long time from hands to hands in their regular lives. However, this is not easy in other countries where people originally don't have custom to eat uncooked fishes. We like to spread the joy of Japanese food culture; we have set our mission and established this school. Our mission is to convey the essence of Japanese traditional cooking skills and knowledge to the world.


Chef's of Japanese cuisine and sushi, much like artists, uses their unfilled canvas and crafts works of art to indulge not only with ones eyes but with their pallets. This aged ritual has been rooted for centuries and is time capsule from generation to generation of legacies from their forefathers.

Sushi has become the food of choice among fitness and health orientated communities, not to mention it fashionable mark in our society, simply due to its natural and wholesome ingredients that is mostly found in nature.

SCI teaches their students the authentic methods and philosophies which ultimately integrate with each individual's technique and expertise. As part of our curriculum we train our students of proper sanitation procedures, safe food handling and business management of a well functioning restaurant. Upon completion at SCI, we offer students job placement from our networks of Chefs and Restaurants all around the world.

Our philosophies are simple, season, sublime learning from old traditional Japanese culture. And also, our class group small so there is an undivided attention to each member of the group per class. Moreover, with such concentration and intensity of knowledge set forth to our students it our anticipation they move forward and educate their clients of this institution we straightforwardly call sushi.

Japanese Food and Cooking

The essence of Japanese cuisine is found in the rich geography of Japan itself: a temperate and mountainous chain of islands surrounded by cold and warm seas teeming with fish. Combine these elements with the Buddhist aesthetic that has prevailed for more than 1,000 years, and one begins to understand why the best Japanese cooking embodies the principals of subtlety, simplicity and seasonality. Thus all Japanese food, however basic, is prepared to feed the eyes as well as the mouth. At its heart, Japanese culinary tradition dictates that the very freshest, seasonal ingredients should be prepared in such a way as to preserve their essential flavors.

School name:Sushi Chef Institute
Address:222 S. Hewitt Street
Zip & city:CA 90012 California

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Sushi Chef Institute Cooking School Location

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