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Tante Marie’s Cooking School

Tante Marie’s Cooking School is a small private cooking school in San Francisco that specializes in small class size, where everyone cooks together under the guidance of the chef or cooking teacher; in other words, Participation Courses. We also offer Guest Chef Demonstrations where the students watch the instructor cook. The Professional Courses are designed for people wanting a career in Culinary or Pastry. The Evening Series, Weekend Workshops, and One-Week Cooking Vacations are designed for interested home cooks. And, the Cooking Parties are for groups of colleagues or friends wanting to have a really good time cooking together!

Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco was founded as a full-time school in 1979 and was one of the first schools of fine cooking in this country to offer all-day, year-round classes for people who are serious about cooking well. Students range in age from their mid-twenties to their early sixties.

Graduates from Tante Marie’s have interesting and varied careers. These include chef/owner of restaurants, food writers, cooking teachers, pastry chefs and bakers, gourmet product manufacturers, cookbook authors, personal chefs, and caterers.

In addition to offering Professional Courses for people wanting to begin a career in Culinary or Pastry, Tante Marie's welcomes interested avocational students in the Evening Series, Weekend Workshops, One-Day Workshops and Cooking Vacations. There are also Cooking Parties on weekend evenings where groups of up to 30 people cook together. The emphasis at Tante Marie's is in building confidence in the kitchen.

Tante Marie’s Kitchens

Like the great cooking schools of Europe, the kitchens of Tante Marie’s Cooking School are compact and efficient. The School is simple in design, with white tile walls, maple work surfaces, and plenty of natural light. It has two comfortable kitchens, which can accomodate up to 16 students cooking together. One of the kitchens converts to a demonstration kitchen in the afternoons seating up to 35 students.

Tante Marie’s prides itself in cooking with the best quality ingredients that are readily available in the Bay Area. Although the students may be introduced to expensive ingredients such as truffles and lobster, the belief is that the students should be able to master techniques and acquire skills and knowledge that will enable them to cook well wherever they live and work.

There is a warm, friendly atmosphere throughout, and simplicity is an integral part of the lessons to be learned. Fancy gadgets and extravagant ingredients have no place here. Tante Marie’s prefers to establish a mastery of basic, advanced, and creative cooking techniques, using mostly the essential equipment and ingredients found in any experienced cook’s kitchen.

Professional Programs

Are you planning a career in food and cooking? Are you thinking about becoming a caterer, a personal chef, a food writer, or pastry chef? Then, Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco will help you realize your goal. Tante Marie’s is a small, private cooking school offering intensive short-term courses in culinary and pastry.

What differentiates Tante Marie’s from other culinary and pastry schools is the amount of individual attention each student receives. At Tante Marie’s the students cook every day under the guidance of the Chef/Instructor and eat the food they have prepared. The emphasis is on mastering the important techniques, understanding the theory, and learning how good food should taste. Throughout the Course the emphasis is on professionalism in the kitchen.

School name:Tante Marie’s Cooking School
Address:271 Francisco Street
Zip & city:CA 94133 California

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