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Thai Cooking With Jam

Thai cooking is fun! It’s all about practice and experimentation catering to your own personal tastes.

The idea of teaching Thai cooking classes in Austin started with inviting friends over for dinner. From cooking for one person to two to ten and more, words spread that dinner at my place was always a feast. Their smiling faces and praise made me feel like I could fly.

I then started going over to friends’ houses to cook in their kitchens. From one kitchen to another, I used available utensils and ingredients to whip up dinners and midnight feasts after a night downtown.

One day, a friend asked if I taught Thai cooking class- “I want to learn how to cook Thai food like you do”. I thought that was a great idea. As a real home cook, I imagined small and personal classes- classes that would allow me to talk to everybody and teach them how to prepare their favorite Thai dishes. Now you can enjoy Thai cooking lessons that will allow you to have fun, at your own homes.

School name:Thai Cooking With Jam
Zip & city:TX 78722 Texas

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