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The Cooking School at Amelia´s

Cooking Classes at Amelia´s are two-hour educational, informal and fun classes taught by experienced chefs that focus on fresh food and fresh ideas.

The Cooking School at Amelia´s offers weekly cooking classes for the home chef. The Cooking School´s mission is to offer educational and fun classes that are designed to enlighten, inspire and educate in an atmosphere that is approachable and casual by instructors who are knowledgeable and entertaining.

Class calendars are published quarterly. Two types of classes are offered: demonstration classes where the students are observing the instructor and “Hands-on” classes where students are actually cooking with the instructor.

Classes are taught by well-trained instructors who come to the school with differing backgrounds and experiences. An instructor might be a classically trained French chef who lived in Europe for 5 years … a recent cooking school graduate who is armed with technical knowledge and skills … a local woman who has been baking bread for her family for 25 years. The Cooking School management believes it is essential to expose students to many chefs of varying expertise in order to garner the most education.

School name:The Cooking School at Amelia´s
Address:10839 Randolph St.
Zip & city:IN 46307 Indiana

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The Cooking School at Amelia´s Cooking School Location

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