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The Tasting Spoon

Sue Young, owner of The Tasting Spoon -Teaches cooking classes and conducts culinary tours. Her twenty-six years of experience in the food profession extends from recipe development, food styling and teaching. She provides a workable recipe, and how to creatively garnish and presentation are stressed; she helps you skillfully solves the problems before they happen. Sue is quick to adapt recipes even the most novice cooks can handle and gladly addresses recipe requests. *Gretchen Womble joined The Tasting Spoon in 2001 as the Northern California agent for co-conducting trips and scheduling cooking classes.

She contributed much to her students through culinary tours. During this time she has conducted over twenty-eight international tours to such countries as France, England, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and Italy, to say nothing of the extensive trips to China, Hong Kong, and Japan. Three years ago, it was a riverboat trip in France. Tours to Santa Fe and Boston tours proved to be so popular they have been repeated three times. In Fall 2000, a popular trip to Paris & German Christmas Markets was conducted, and in May 2001, Jazz Fest in New Orleans (4th time). Sue and Gretchen lead a sell-out culinary and shopping trip to New York City for Fall 2002 (Nov. 6-10) including seeing The Producers! A trip to Santa Fe for Fall 2003 (Oct. 18-22) is in the works. In 2006 we visited Quebec and Montreal. Next year, another trip to New York City and a day trip to Philadelphia - Fall 2006!

School name:The Tasting Spoon
Address: 578 Washington Blvd. #816
Zip & city:CA 90292 California
Phone: 310/306-8851
Web:Sue Young -The Tasting Spoon

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