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Travel Institute of the Pacific (Gros Bonnet Culinary Academy)

THE CULINARY ARTS program offered by the Travel Institute of the Pacific is an in-depth course for the understanding, preparation and production of international cuisines. From the history of foods to present day theories, terminology, systems and trends, this course is designed to provide training for those interested in becoming Food Service Industry professionals. The program combines classroom lectures and hands on kitchen preparation and production skills. Students will master the commercial kitchen while learning basic through advanced cooking techniques. Preparation of recipes, portioning, styling and presentation with an emphasis on classic French cooking will equip the student with a solid foundation for a career as a culinary professional.

Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be able to apply their skills and knowledge to successfully obtain employment and perform as professional chef. Through written exams, classroom participation and demonstration, students will develope their competency in the following skills groupings;

1. Apply sound nutritional principles to menu planning, production, and presentation.

2. Utilize menu planning techniques as an effective management tool to plan production, scheduling and merchandising.

3. Demonstrate station organization with emphasis on “mise-en-place” and coordination resulting in prompt, efficient production and service.

4. Apply the fundamental concepts and demonstrate the basic skills and techniques of cookery in the preparation of stocks, soups, sauces; meat, fish and poultry; fruits, vegetables and starches.

5. Apply with accuracy, computational skills in food preparation and the conversion of recipes.

6. Expand and refine techniques to combine and create a marriage of flavors between various cuisines and create new dishes and styles of cooking.

7. Maintain the work area in accordance with standards of safety and sanitation while demonstrating the proper use and care of the equipment and supplies.

8. Demonstrate the proper procedures for ordering, receiving, storing, issuing and controlling foods and supplies and utilize an established computerized cost control system for various reports.

9. Demonstrate knowledge of a variety of table service techniques and correctly serve guests using the various styles.

School name:Travel Institute of the PacificGros Bonnet Culinary Academy
Address:1314 S. King Street, Suite 1164
Zip & city:Hawaii 96814  Hawaii
Phone:(808) - 591- 2708

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Gros Bonnet Culinary Academy Cooking School Location

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