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University of Alaska Fairbanks (Culinary Arts Program)

In general, cooks and bakers usually learn the skills of their occupation by on-the-job training. However, a knowledge of business skills and a proficiency in mathematics can also prove invaluable to bakers, cooks, and especially to chefs. Our program offers sound basic training and an externship program with local food service employers, so students can "earn while they learn" and gain practical experience, a distinct advantage when seeking entry-level opportunities in the culinary field.
TVC's Culinary Arts Program is a certificate or two-year degree program that stresses "hands on" learning along with food service operations, principles, and theories. Possessing the necessary skills, knowledge, and training is important in the competition for top jobs. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of prior training. The purpose of the program is to prepare students for entry-level management, line and pre-cooks, and second and third-level apprentice bakers.

Class sizes are small, so students will receive individual help and attention, which makes a huge difference in the quality of education. The faculty has years of experience in the culinary industry, which means students learn from the very best!

School name:University of Alaska FairbanksCulinary Arts Program
Address:604 Barnette Streeet
Zip & city:AK 99701 Alaska
Phone:(907) 455-2902

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Culinary Arts Program Cooking School Location

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