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University of Florida (Food Science and Human Nutrition)

The Food Science and Human Nutrition Department (FSHN) offers quality graduate programs leading to a master’s of science degree and doctoral degree in food science under the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. These programs offer a rewarding and enriching experience aimed at preparing graduates for success in industry, academia and government. We have 16 faculty members and 44 graduate students in the area of food science.

The program provides a variety of courses and research opportunities with the following areas of emphasis:

* Food chemistry involves the understanding of analytical, biochemical, chemical, functional, physical and toxicological aspects of food constituents.
* Food microbiology encompasses all microbiological aspect of food safety in food production, food spoilage, food preservation and storage; also includes areas of biosecurity, biotechnology and microbial genomics.
* Food processing uses engineering principles, methods and techniques to transform raw agricultural commodities into consumable food products
* Food technology involves the application of modern scientific and engineering principles to the preservation and distribution of food.
* Sensory Evaluation applies the scientific method and statistical analysis to the assessment of all the qualities of a food item as perceived by the human senses.

School name:University of FloridaFood Science and Human Nutrition
Address:359 FSHN Building, Newell Drive
Zip & city:FL 32611 Florida
Phone:(352) 392-1991

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Food Science and Human Nutrition Cooking School Location

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