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Westlake Culinary Institute

On April 14, Let’s Get Cookin’ won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Award of Excellence for Avocational Cooking Schools. When I got up on the stage to accept this award at the IACP Conference in Chicago I was overwhelmed. I was applauded by my peers and colleagues. Rick Rodgers who has taught many Thanksgiving classes at LGC presented the award to me along with Rosemary Barron, who had taught for me many years ago and now is the President of IACP. Jim Dodge, Giuliano Bugialli, John Ash, Peter Reinhart, Elaine Gonzalez, Nick Malgieri, Giuliano Hazan, and many others congratulated me.

It is quite an honor to receive this award and I thank my hard working staff at the school and store and all the talented teachers who made it possible. I would also like to thank my loyal customers who have supported the school and store over the years and made us live up to our reputation.

Teamwork in the kitchen leads to teamwork on the job. Our school welcomes and encourages "team building" workshops which focus on cooking and preparing a meal. These workshops bring out creativity and enhance the skills of individuals while reinforcing cooperation, achievement and morale as a group.

School name:Westlake Culinary Institute
Address:4643 Lakeview Canyon Road
Zip & city:CA 91361 California

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Address: 4643 Lakeview Canyon Road