Cooking Basic Courses

Basic Cooking Subjects

     History and Language:

    Cooking seems like such a simple art. This art has changed trough the years, since the moment it appeared between our archaeological ancestors, until our time when we still enjoy it. So, only if we know our history we will appreciate more the traditions and understand the facts why the culinary arts have changed and their completely meaningful. Furthermore, this offers the chance to explore the symbolic significance of food in every tradition and culture combining history and language to get to know the importance of the country.

     Food Science and Nutrition:

    Lately, nutritious cooking is the way to keep everybody healthy. Preparing healthy meals is not difficult when you know the basics of nutritious cooking or you can prepare meals quicker and easier because there is no need to look for fancy ingredients, take advantage of the benefits while the customers look for it.

     Kitchen Management:

    Food and eating are major issues of both finances and health, and worth the time and effort that is necessary to be organized in this area. The main key is found how to make menus and grocery lists.

     Basic Kitchen Tools and Equipment:

    You will see how to stock a kitchen with great gadgets and utensils in a funny way, although daunting. There are a few ways to begin collecting the equipment, utensils and appliances you need, both looking through a list checking off what you need to go on a shopping spree and realizing what utensils your kitchen is missing.

     Basic Culinary Technique:

    This course describes how you can use basic cooking techniques to prepare food focussed on capture the flavour without adding excessive amounts of fat or salt. Once you've mastered these techniques you will free to use them in baking, brasing, grilling, broiling, poaching, roasting, sauteing, steaming, stir-frying, food safety, meal planning and nutrition.

     Kitchen Purchasing and Cost Control:

    The student will be able to balance the needs of the customer with the financial constrains of running an enterprise. Mostly is a group work where the mission is documenting and processing customer orders, creating shopping lists, and cross-checking vendors to find all necessary ingredients at the better lowest price.

     Palate Development and Ingredient Pairing:

    It is really important to focus in palate development, because every palate is unique, and is necessary to know your own. You will learn the importance of flavour, its subtleties, harmonies and contrasts by techniques, methods and menu developments. This is a critical art is really important because your future employers and customers will value this skill and recognize your competitive edge. Besides, chemistry is part of pairing: "A Good Chemist Will Always Be A Good Cook", because every time you bake a pie or roast meat, a chemical reaction is takings place.

     Food Safety and Sanitation:

    Here, doesn't matter how delicious or complicated is the recipe, the food safety is the most important factor in cooking, if the food makes people sick because of improper cooking or handling, all your efforts will be wasted. It is not proper to say if the food safe to eat by the way it looks or tastes. The most important factors are proper storage, way of cooking and handling are some little ways to ensure safe food keeping it clean.

     Culinary Math:

    Math is in every kitchen, on every recipe card, and at each holiday gathering. Doesn't matter what you will prepare, the mathematics of cooking often goes unnoticed, but if you look carefully there is a large quantity of math skills involved in cooking and baking knowing the right proportions.

     Sauces and Reductions:

    Any liquid cooked until reduced in volume can be referred to as a reduction. By reducing is possible to concentrate the flavours and thicken the consistency, making a quick, flavourful sauce using the best ingredients.

     Advanced Culinary Applications:

    It is based on the operation of the student-run enterprise, checking and developing every aspect of the restaurant, starting by the name of the menu design, purchasing/budget, food production and connections with the customers. Likewise, it is focused the interest in the foodservice industry as a future career. All this, drives the student into the importance of the component to the success of the enterprise.

     Plating and Food Presentation:

    The presentation is an important fact at the time of beautifully cooking. Furthermore, as same as you will meet people who don't measure up inside to how they look outside. It's just that if something you make tastes delicious, why not make it look great too. It's a lot easier than a personal makeover.


    Working close to other people always involve the fact you have to aware of the ways of what people think which is reflected in their actions, all this supposed for you to maximize their satisfaction and performance minimizing the problems.