Cooking Internship Courses

Internship Courses

     Essential Courses:

       History of Cooking
       Food safety
       Hygiene and Sanitation
       Culinary Terminology
       Equipment and Utensils
       Cost control
       Storage and Care of Materials
       Principles of Mise en Place
       Food Preparation Methods
       Professional ethics

     Food Commodities:

       Hot and Cold Snacks
       Potato dishes
       Sweets and Desserts
       Pasta and Farinaceous
       Fats and Oils
       Fish, Shellfish and Crustaceans
       Meats, Poultry, Game and Game Birds
       Cold Kitchen
       Dried fruit, Pulses and Nuts
       Fruits and Vegetables
       Pastry Products
       Dairy products

     Practical Application:

       Pasta and Farinaceous
       Knife Skills
       Classical and International Cuisine
       Eggs and Breakfast
       Vegetable cuts
       Speciality Dishes
       Stocks, Soups and Sauces

     Kitchen Management:

       Basic Business principles
       Budgeting, Costing and Control
       Kitchen Maintenance and Design
       Menu Planning

     Projects and Assignments:

       Wine Course
       Menu Planning and Costing
       Maintaining a Vegetable and Herb Garden
       Industry Visits and Experience
       Buffet Planning, Presentation and Costing

     Food and Beverage Service:

       Professional Table Settings
       Bar Service
       Wine and beverage Service skills
       Food Service skills
       Billing Procedures and Reservations
       Customer Liaison