Baking and Pastry

Baking and Pastry Chef

Students receive intensive training in both baking and pastry arts fundamentals. Mostly, these courses are taught by experienced teaching professionals learning the fundamentals of patisserie and baking techniques.

Likewise, students can develop the skills necessary to create grand show pieces. Some professionals consider Cooking as an art and Baking as a science, but do not be afraid; the key to be a successful Chef in Baking and Pastry is paying attention to the temperature, ingredient proportions, and its variables.

As a Baker, is important for you to remember that chemical properties of the ingredients are part of the plate. You have to know that even a flimsy deviation from a recipe can produce a tragic result.

Like a baking pastry professional, you must to controlate how many calories are in the foods you cook. For example, know how many calories in an egg it's really important to control the total amount of calories in a dessert.


Professional Baker
Professional Pastry and Baker
Baking and Pastry Bachelor
 Professional Baker
This program teaches students techniques and approaches of the kitchen to create baked goods for customers or industrial environments.
 Professional Pastry and Baking Diploma
This program teaches the fundamentals of baking and pastry such as cakes, culinary measurements, breads, and sanitation.
 Bachelor of Baking and Pastry Arts
This program provides training in creation, management skills and liberal arts of baking and pastry with a curricula to read and understand recipes.
Baking and Pastry Associate's
International Baking
International Pastry and Baking
 Baking and Pastry Arts Associate's
This program provides courses on basics in baking, nutrition, preparation, decoration and presentation to work in a bakery shop.
 International Baking Associate's
This program includes skills such as baking workshops and global pastry cuisine, and principles of production and presentation of pastry.
 International Pastry and Baking
This program offers courses on kitchen activities and practical experience in which students learn techniques of baking around the world.
Pastry Art
Pastry Chefs
 Pastry Art
This program provides knowledge, methods, skills and techniques to prepare wedding cakes, chocolates confections and fine desserts,so students develop their creative.
 Pastry Chef
In this program, students learn techniques, research recipe concepts and develop new recipes of pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods.