International Pastry and Baking

International Baking and Pastry Chef

This program will show how to become a world-class baker offering courses on kitchen activities and long practical experience in professional laboratories well equipped. In the same way, you will be train to work in teams using techniques of agility and efficiency, measurement and mixing, about baking from around the world like confections and frozen desserts, breads and cakes.

Basic skills acquired are tarts, dough preparation, puff paste for pies, pate Sucre, pate Brise, mixing and rolling, pastries, croissants and scones. Also, yeast-risen products, such as: pizza crusts, different types of bread, sponge-cakes. Butter-based cakes, pan di Spagna, classic American cakes, chocolate confections, frozen desserts. Baking topics slow leavening and spices slowly. Advance baking techniques such as multi-temperature baking and high-heat glazing.

The important courses to consider are: Food Safety, Culinary Math, Cost Analysis, Basic Decorating, Ingredient Groups, Drying and Candying, Weights and Measures, Sanitation, Fruit-Based Desserts.